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RIP Potato Jason – American Comedien Popular in Japan’s Brief

Learning Japanese is hard. Like, so hard. Like, Red Riot hard. There’s an awful lot to remember. One thing that can help with memory, though, is humour. Jason David “Potato” Danielson’s humour about the absurdity of kanji took off in Japan in 2013. But did you spot his Death Note cameo?   It’s a little old, […]Read More

Death Note TV Series & Ultra Man X Simulcast on

Crunchyroll has really come leaps and bounds since the service launched, and it’s partly due to how in touch the team over there seem to be with the needs and wants of Japanese anime, manga, and drama fans. They’ve ironed out the problems with their subscription plans to make it one subscription, but they’ve also been […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Narcissu Side 2nd

Both Narcissu games recently made the Steam Greenlight cut after enormous success for a visual novel and will be distributed to millions of potential readers over the platform. The new release promises to update the translation of both games, but as it will be a while until we see it grace Steam’s store, I will […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Narcissu

Narcissu is a short drama visual novel about inevitability and dying wishes. On the seventh floor of a fictional hospital, two characters meet – one, a man who only recently has been admitted, and the other a woman who will likely soon die. One day they both escape the hospital and journey across the southern […]Read More