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12 Dream E3 2017 Announcements & Why They’ll Probably Never

E3 is a place where dreams come true. Many announcements have been dropped on those hallowed stages that have shaken the hearts of fans. Let’s get shaken once more. Here are our dream announcements that may or may not happen! Do you agree?     Fate/stay night Official English Localisation, Backed by Sony as a New […]Read More

Garou Mark of the Wolves PS4 is Out Today, Launch

Garou Mark of the Wolves PS4 is out right now! The re-release is in celebration of Fatal Fury‘s 25th anniversary, and is available to buy in the PSN store immediately. It’ll work on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and features cross buy, cross play, and cross save. The ultimate combination!     Garou Mark of […]Read More

My Top 5 Japanese Games (from the 90s)

Ah, the 90s. A magical time, quite literally, that brought me some of my favourite television shows as a child: Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I had watched Spice Girls: The Movie too many times to count and was desperately trying to style my hair like Rachel from Friends. What a time to be […]Read More

Dreamcast Petition Gaining Traction

A petition requesting a limited edition of everyone’s favorite Dreamcast console was started 2 years ago, but it was not until 4 weeks ago that that it got 10,000 supporters and 20,000 just a week after. The petition is now nearing its 25,000 goal.     While its success is highly unlikely given Sega’s history (still waiting on that western release of […]Read More

Ten Rare Japanese Games You Can Play on Handheld Android

As of late Android based handheld consoles, such as the BLAZE TAB and JXD, are becoming increasingly popular as not only do they offer the functionality of a traditional tablet but they can also emulate games from all decades.   Of course as fans of Japanese Media we may not be interested in the retro […]Read More

Funstock Announce Blaze Tab – a Retro Gaming Android Tablet

If you know one thing about our retro-focused partners and friends over at Funstock.com — it’s that not only are they fans of retro gaming, but that they’re also deeply passionate about finding new and exciting ways to harness that retro love in exciting and modern ways. The new addition to their retro product line […]Read More

Dreamcast in Neptunia VII

Fans of the Dreamcast can finally rejoice as the newest installment in the Hyperdimensional Neptunia franchise, Victory II, will be finally giving that platform the attention it deserves. The new playable goddess is a Dreamcast personification. She is called Uzume Orange Heart and will carry around a megaphone as her weapon.     Unlike Neptune, when Uzume transforms she becomes […]Read More

New Sega Humble Bundle

It’s no big secret that I am a huge Sega fan, still waiting for the day when the Dreamcast 2 will come out to dominate the gaming scene, or at least for the western release of Phantasy Star Online 2 and Yakuza. But before that we are getting a great offer with the new Sega Humble […]Read More