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Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017

The Reader’s Choice Awards are over, but why stop there? There’s still lots more to talk about when it comes to the long list of amazing games and anime 2017 has given us! Oscar, Holly, and Mitch look at the good and the not-so-good of the year for the Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017! […]Read More

Drive Girls Review (Vita)

What is Drive Girls? A racing game is what you’d assume it to be at first but you’d only be partially correct! Drive Girls is basically Senran Kagura with racing elements, and you’ll want to race away yourself so that you don’t have to fight on the same stage again and again and again any longer. […]Read More

DriveGirls Drifts onto Vita in Europe Next Month

Wanted to play a game where girls turn into cars? Well, now you can! DriveGirls is speeding to a Vita near you on 26th May in Europe, and presumably around that date across North America too. Developed by Tamsoft, it features a group of five girls who fight (and race) to defend their home, Sun Island.  […]Read More