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Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology announced for 3DS

Atlus announced through the reveal of an official website a remake of Radiant Historia for 3DS titled Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology. The game was first released on DS in 2010 in Japan.       A remake of this cult RPG has been announced through the reveal of an official website by Atlus. The original […]Read More

Top 10 English Otome Games

Otome is not as niche a genre as it once was. Granted, the genre is still underwhelmed with titles and many fans still feel starved of games, but otome does seem to slowly be gaining momentum. Idea Factory are testing the waters by localising some of their games in English, and other companies such as […]Read More

Rice Chat: Consoles In 2016

Oscar, Peter, and Geraint sit around and talk about what 2016 might hold for their favourite consoles, and the Nintendo NX, PC, and MMOs too!     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube to get updates on them as soon as they go up!   Check out the Rice Chat playlist […]Read More

Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo Releasing 3 Feb

Yes! It’s coming out so soon! Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo is coming out 3rd February in Japan. It’s a detective game starring a gruff, talking Pikachu. Who better to solve a case with?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9j9RWkPstc   It’s only a small download title, costing about 1,500 (just under £10). But who knows, maybe we’ll see more […]Read More

Jump Start: Mononofu Review (Manga)

It’s Jump Start time yet again, where the English Shonen Jump prints the first three or so chapters of a new manga in the Japanese Shonen Jump, and feedback dictates whether they bring it over. Mononofu is the latest manga to feature, and bears more than a passing resemblance to Ikezawa Haruto’s other work, Kurogane – […]Read More

Satoru Iwata Passes Away at Age 55, but He’ll Always

Today we say goodbye to one of gaming’s greatest. Satoru Iwata passed away 11th July 2015 due to cancer complications. His illness was a problem from 2014, where he missed E3 2014 because of it. You’d be forgiven for not realising he was unwell, as he continued to work hard at Nintendo, even running the […]Read More

Zero Escape 3 Announced, Virtue’s Last Reward Sequel

We mentioned Zero Escape 3 in our Anime Expo 2015 Visual Novel round-up, but it’s such a big deal to us we want to let you know the full scoop. We’re big fans of Visual Novels in general here, but 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward are two of our favourites. Naturally we were surprised and […]Read More

Trains: Ten Games with Trains at the Beginning

As some of you may know, Trains In Games is one of my favourite gaming websites on the internet. I’m not really a train fan per se. I’m more of a fan of train enthusiasts. It’s infectious. I got thinking about trains in video games myself, and found myself especially curious about video games that […]Read More

Donkey Kong ’94: the Definitive Classic Donkey Kong

1994 was a big year for Donkey Kong. Not only was there the enormously wonderful Donkey Kong Country (which, thank goodness, is finally going to be made available in the eShop) but there was another, often forgotten, addition to the series. Titled simply Donkey Kong and released for the Game Boy, it was actually one of […]Read More

Nintendo Announcing New Hardware?

It’s no secret that Nintendo has been struggling especially when compared to the original Wii and it’s current competition. With E3 mere weeks away, is it possible for Nintendo to announce a new console despite the fact that they are skipping on their press conference?     For now a lot of sites have also […]Read More