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E3 2017 Rice Chat – Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Metroid Prime

Matthew, Geraint, Oscar, and Peter “Natehawke” Fury sit down to talk about the highs and lows of all the E3 2017 press conferences! Time stamps are below the video, and clickable in the YouTube description! There’s also an audio version too, so check that out.     1:36 Spider-Man 4:20 Dragonball FighterZ 7:39 Xenoblade Chronicles […]Read More

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection Coming to PC This Summer

Developed by Nihon Falcom, Zwei! is an action RPG which was first released in 2001. Now XSEED is bringing the localization of the second installment called Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection to the west.       The second game was originally released in 2008 and it features a self-contained story with new characters, which is great […]Read More

Yoshida: PS4 Shadow of the Colossus a “Remake”, Not a

During the Sony press conference, a PS4 Shadow of the Colossus was announced with a trailer. It’s being handled by Bluepoint, who’ve made many great remasters for both PS3 & PS4, including the HD versions of ICO & Shadow of the Colossus for the former. But this PS4 version is a remake, not just a […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto is a Third Person Shooter

Square Enix showed of some gameplay for Episode Prompto, the next piece of Final Fantasy XV DLC that comes out at the end of this month. Just as Episode Gladiolus had its own unique gameplay twists, so does Episode Prompto — it’s a third person shooter with stealth elements.     Prompto will be able […]Read More

Our Top 4 Hypest Things from E3 2017

There was a lot to love at E3 2017. Even some of the more usually western focused publishers seemed to have something that would interest fans of Japanese games. You can take a look at our summary of things from E3 Japanese fans should care about, but these here are just for us! Our personal […]Read More

12 Dream E3 2017 Announcements & Why They’ll Probably Never

E3 is a place where dreams come true. Many announcements have been dropped on those hallowed stages that have shaken the hearts of fans. Let’s get shaken once more. Here are our dream announcements that may or may not happen! Do you agree?     Fate/stay night Official English Localisation, Backed by Sony as a New […]Read More