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PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker is Out Now on Early

Everyone out there who plays games has at one point thought “I would like to make one of these” — but coding is hard. There have been a few drag and drop tools out there like the fantastic RPG Maker, but now PlataGO! is stepping up to do the same for platformers on Switch, PS4, […]Read More

Another Country Bans Fight of Gods

With the recent news that Malaysia has banned the deity showdown fighter, Fight of Gods, it seems that Thailand will also be banning the game. We reached out to publisher PQube to ask if any other countries were following suit, and they confirmed to us that Thailand would indeed be pulling the game.   “So […]Read More

Jesus is in a Fighting Game!? Fight of Gods is

Previous Fight of Gods trailers already revealed the usual suspects, such as Zeus and Odin. But only now with the final reveal trailer have we found out that “Jesus and Buddha punch the holy $*!% out of each other” too, rounding out the initial roster with some big names. And it’s out right now on […]Read More

CrossCode Preview – The Retro Game You Always Wanted

I still remember when I first laid my hands on CrossCode years ago. In the sea of simple indie games made with the ImpactJS game engine the only two which actually stood out were Gods Will be Watching and CrossCode.       In the distant future the moon has become a high-tech theme-park. People […]Read More