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If My Heart Had Wings gets physical Switch release

eastasiasoft‘s latest physical release is for the Switch version of If My Heart Had Wings, which released digitally late last year. As with the digital version, this physical release contains everything from the Japanese Switch port, plus an updated English localisation. While it may contain everything from that version, it’s not quite the same as […]Read More

Moero Crystal H review

Compile Heart is a developer that can make good games, but often settle for half-baked releases that rely on good character art and fanservice, instead of interesting gameplay. Moero Crystal H is certainly full of fanservice, and the artwork is nice, but it also offers up some surprisingly deep mechanics and engaging dungeon crawling. Unfortunately, […]Read More

Root Double is getting a limited physical release… for the

Yes, you read that title correctly. Even in 2020, the Vita is still getting new physical releases. This limited edition release of Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition is being handled by eastasiasoft, in partnership with Sekai Games and developer Regista. The Vita version of Root Double is already an odd one, […]Read More