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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable Trailer 2

There’s not one, but three versions of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable trailer 2! Each version focuses just a little more on one of three characters — Josuke, Koichi, and Jotaro. Of course, we couldn’t resist subtitling all 3 into English! The anime starts April 1st, and you can watch it on […]Read More

Gundam Breaker 3 English Language Version Heading to Asia in

Following hot on the heels of the Super Robot Wars OG English language Asian announcement, Bandai Namco have also announced a Gundam Breaker 3 English language version for Asia too! Mech importer fans rejoice! There’s still no word on whether either will be heading west.     The Gundam Breaker 3 English language Asian version […]Read More

Gal Gun English Version Coming 2016

Yep, a Gal Gun English version is actually, officially, confirmed for a 2016 release in North America & Europe. It’s really happening. The game we haven’t been able to stop writing about since Rice started. Now Inti Creates have teamed up with PQube to bring Gal Gun Double Peace over on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita.     Gal […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: VNs on Steam

Steam expanding its visual novel library is great news for everyone. While older games get the ‘official’ remake treatment for the glorious transition to 1080p, Greenlight allows us to see games in English that may have otherwise been lost in the depths of the internet. Whether it’s an old favourite or something new and interesting […]Read More