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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Review (PS4)

Last but certainly not least, Ignis is here with his very own piece of story DLC to wrap up the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass, and all of the promised individual character-focused story nuggets. With some smart design choices and plenty to add to the main game’s story, Episode Ignis might be the best of […]Read More

December Japanese Games Release Schedule

Here’s our December Japanese games release schedule to help you out this month! There’s plenty to keep you busy over Christmas, not least of all the massive JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 2! These are the currently confirmed UK release dates of the latest Japanese games.   Looking for other December release schedules? Anime | Manga | Light Novels […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Ignis Releases this December

Upon completing Episode Prompto, which releases today, you will be treated to a brief trailer announcing that Episode Ignis will be arriving later this December. The DLC will show what happens to Ignis when he is separated from the group during later events of Final Fantasy XV.   Thanks to the survey that Square Enix […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV DLC Needs to Focus on Its High

Final Fantasy XV had a lot of great moments, but failed to deliver on its key features by the end of the game. The long-term life of the game needs to have a focus on making Final Fantasy XV‘s true heart stronger, but so far it looks like it might struggle, fumbling the idea of […]Read More

What the Final Fantasy XV DLC Stories Will Probably Be

I consider myself a video game expert. A video game professional. A pro gamer. When looking at games people like me can read between the lines, see the code, the 0s and 1s flashing in front of us. That’s exactly why it’s possible to tell already using DEDUCTION what the Final Fantasy XV DLC will […]Read More