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Nintendo E3 2015 Wishlist

It feels like just yesterday that I was excitedly sitting through Nintendo’s Robot Chicken conference, and now we’ve just had a video with lots of new information about this year’s E3. For me, it’s probably the most exciting time to be a gamer. As such, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we might see this year, […]Read More

Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven Releases 4th June – eShop

Marvelous aren’t known only for the naughty Senran Kagura series. They also do some more highbrow stuff, from the excellent Rune Factory series to the true Harvest Moon sequel Story of Seasons. Now they’re bringing out Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven from the producer of Rune Factory! And it’ll be available to download exclusively from […]Read More

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker New Story

Any Shin Megami Tensei fan, or “SMT-er” (as we call ourselves), knows that there’s something special about the handheld version of the game. Often they’re just… a little bit better. The enhanced port of Devil Survivor 2 is no exception, there’s a whole additional story, and it’s now fully voiced acted. Check out the trailer […]Read More

Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg Competition – Voting Begins!

We’ve teamed up with Marvelous Games to bring you another awesome food-related gaming competition! We’ve had some really great entries in our Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg competiton, so we’re wiping our brow with broccoli, thankful for the fact that we don’t have to choose a winner. No — it’s up to you to decide […]Read More

Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg Competition

Since October it’s been difficult to have a conversation about Japanese games on the 3DS — or even 3DS games in general — without running into people singing the praises of Rune Factory 4. In the EU this exploded recently with its release in the EU eShop on December 11th. We’re big fans of the […]Read More

Five NES Games Improved With Save States

Back in the days of the NES, games were different. The difficulty was harder, graphics were blockier, music was bloopier, Cranky Kong was Donkey Kong and saving was usually impossible. Did this mean the games were worse? I can certainly get as much enjoyment from an 8-bit NES game as I can with HD Wii U […]Read More

Nintendo Direct EU roundup

Nintendo held another one of their digital press conferences today, shedding light on some of the software headed to their consoles in the coming months. Here’s a bite-sized list of all the announcements if you don’t fancy watching the video or leafing through twitter.     · Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright confirmed for European release […]Read More

The Denpa Men 2 demo hits 3DS in Europe

The wonderfully bizarre AR 3DS game ‘The Denpa Men 2’ hit’s the European eShop today – a game we first came across via the Japanese Indie conference BitSummit. It’s a bizarre mix of genres – where you can seek out the illusive Denpa Men in the real world using your camera, and also use them […]Read More