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Christmas Pepsi Cola Tastes Like Japanese Christmas Cake

A new Christmas Pepsi flavour will taste like Christmas cake. But it’s important to know that the Japanese idea of a traditional “Christmas cake” is a far cry from the fruitcake that probably jumped into your head. Japanese Christmas cakes are a whole lot sweeter, and much more delightful.   More of a strawberries and […]Read More

Apparently No Yakuza 0 PC in Production

Amazon.com have updated their Yakuza 0 store page with some new box art. Not a big deal, right? But if you take a look at their updated box art you can see the “PS4 Console Exclusive Game” logo. Some people took this to mean it was heading to PC, but SEGA have said not to […]Read More

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Let’s Rock Edition Announced as Rice

We’re really happy to announce our Rice Exclusive Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Let’s Rock Edition! Some of you have expected us to have an exclusive Limited Edition, so we wanted to take the time to put together something great. Take a look! The game and Let’s Rock Edition are out 10th June!     Guilty Gear Xrd […]Read More

Win! BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend – Chibi Heroes Edition on

To celebrate the upcoming European release of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend we are offering one lucky person the chance to win the Rice Digital Exclusive Chibi Heroes Edition of the game on a platform of their choice.   The Chibi Heroes Edition of BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend Includes:   A Copy of the Game inside a Limited Edition […]Read More

Persona 4 Dancing All Night Midnight Stage Edition Announced –

We’re pleased to announce a new Rice Digital exclusive bundle, following on from the successes of our Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Persona Q bundles. We’re happy to introduce the Persona 4 Dancing All Night Midnight Stage Edition, containing everything a Persona fan needs to get down on the Midnight Stage themselves!     Chie […]Read More

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX with Rice Digital Exclusive Strap

There’s been some downer news about Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX lately, with the coming-soon release date pushed back to some time in September, which is quite a while to wait to get your Miku fix considering the game is essentially already out in Japan. But now we’ve got some pretty exciting news to make […]Read More