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Rice Recommends – Best Switch Musou Games

Sometimes you just need to let loose against swathes of enemies with a few simple button presses and revel in the slaughter, and that’s where Musou games really shine! So, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best Switch Musou games to further direct your somewhat barbaric but extremely satisfying hacking and slashing needs!   Warriors […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA LINK Review (PS4) – Servant Action Mayhem Take Two!

The wild and wonderful Fate series returns to cathartic hack and slash action with Fate/EXTELLA LINK, the follow-up to Fate/EXTELLA. But how does the new title fare compared to the somewhat inconsistent and certainly imperfect previous one? Let’s take a look!   There’s a lot of additions and improvements to Fate/EXTELLA LINK that help make […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA LINK release date and TWO Limited Editions announced!

Marvelous Europe have today announced that Fate/EXTELLA LINK, the sequel to the popular Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, will launch in Q1 2019 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via STEAM. Not only that, but they also revealed two special Limited Editions of the game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, titled […]Read More

Fate/Extella Link Switch Version Revealed

Marvelous has announced that there will be a Fate/Extella Link Switch version, and that it will be heading to Japanese shores on 31st January, 2019, along with new Puni-Puni costumes to battle in. These costumes make the characters look like giant chibis, and they are a tad terrifying.     These costumes are also coming to […]Read More

Fate/Extella Link Heads Westward in 2019

XSEED has announced that Fate/Extella Link will be coming to PS4 and Vita in the West early next year, and that there will be a collector’s edition exclusive to PS4. The game was initially slated to release this Winter, and while it may be delayed, at least the Vita version is still on its way! […]Read More

6 Games with Weird but Good Battle Systems

People are always finding new and exciting ways to change up gameplay and combat tends to be a prime area for experimentation. Sometimes it works, other times it’s downright odd. Sometimes both. Here are 6 games with weird but good battle systems.     While there’s something to be said for a trusty familiar battle […]Read More

Senran Kagura Reflexions Heads West this Summer

Marvelous Games has announced that Switch exclusive Senran Kagura Reflexions will be heading West this Summer. That isn’t the only game coming over though because Senran Kagura Re:Newal, Fate/EXTELLA: LINK and Bullet Witch are also among their upcoming releases.   Watch a combined announcement trailer featuring them all below.     Bullet Witch releases on […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Link Details New Servants, Japanese Limited Edition

After the recent announcement of Francis Drake, Astolfo, and Scáthach as new playable Servants, some Fate/EXTELLA Link details with further info on them and plenty of screenshots have been released! The classes for six more Servants who will be added have been revealed too!   For the six new Servants yet to be revealed, there will […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Link Release Date Announced, Adds Drake, Astolfo, & Scathach

Not Nathan Drake, but Francis Drake. Marvelous has announced the release date for Fate/EXTELLA Link, the follow-up to Fate/EXTELLA. Also part of the announcement was confirmation that Francis Drake, Astolfo, & Scathach will be coming to the game, on top of all 16 playable servants from the previous title.     Fate/EXTELLA Link will be releasing […]Read More