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Marvelous Announces Fate/EXTELLA Steam Release

Marvelous has announced a Fate/EXTELLA Steam release, as well as revealing the release date for the Nintendo Switch version! What’s more, both are due to release at the end of the month — so not that far off!       The Fate/EXTELLA Steam port will launch on July 25th £39.99/€49.99, with a 10% launch […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Switch Version Announced in Nintendo Direct

There was some big news announced in the recent Nintendo Direct, including a Fate/EXTELLA Switch port! This version will come with 35 costumes that were previously released as paid DLC, as well as a bonus Unshackled Bride outfit for Nero!     This was a bit of a surprise! Fate/EXTELLA‘s fast-paced battles seems like they’ll […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA is Out Now in Europe!

A little late to the party, but Fate/EXTELLA is out now across Europe! Featuring 16 playable Servants and 3 separate story campaigns, Fate/EXTELLA lets players engage in flashy, fast-paced combat directly as a powerful Servant! Check out the launch trailer below:     Marvelous Europe have also announced the post-launch DLC schedule, featuring a variety of extra […]Read More

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Review (PS4)

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star is the sequel to 2010’s excellent PSP JRPG, with a name so weird we had to crank out the old dusty Latin dictionary (AKA Google) to once and for all crack Type Moon’s cryptic but catchy naming convention. What I got was Fate/Star: The Shadow Star… yep, it still makes no sense. […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Launch Trailer and North American Release

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is out now in North America, with the European release coming up soon on 20th January! Take a look at the Fate/EXTELLA launch trailer below:     This is so exciting! The European release is so close now too!   Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is available now in North America, for PS4 and […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Release Date Revealed!

Exciting stuff! The Fate/EXTELLA release date has been confirmed! Well, release dates plural as there’s a 3 day gap between the North American and European releases. You can check out the announcement trailer below:     The beautiful Moon Crux Collector’s Edition will also launch alongside the Standard Edition. The Moon Crux features: a 7.5” […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Men’s Costumes DLC

There are now visuals for the penultimate set of Fate/EXTELLA costume DLC, the Extella Men’s Costumes! There are 9 costumes in the set, one for each male character. These costumes will be available in Japan from 8th December at ¥400 each or ¥2,880 for the whole set.   Nameless – Slash & Connect   Gawain – British […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Women’s Costumes DLC Revealed

We now have art for the third set of Fate/EXTELLA DLC costumes, the Extella Women’s Costumes. There are 7 costumes in the set, one for each female character. These costumes will be available from 1st December (in Japan), at ¥400 each or ¥2,240 for the whole set.   Nero – Crimson Modern Costume   Tamamo no Mae […]Read More