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Co-Director Addresses Tokyo Mirage Sessions Costume Changes on Western Launch

As a lot of you may already know Tokyo Mirage Sessions costume changes have just been one of a few hot topics regarding changes made to Japanese games heading west. It’s not something that is always addressed directly by Japanese developers, but co-director Mitsura Hirata has addressed the changes on Twitter.   そういえば海外版幻影異聞録♯FEことTokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FEの発売日が今週24日に迫ってるじゃないですか!色んな理由で諸々衣装とか変更しイベント内容やボイスも一部変更した結果海外版の衣装結構可愛いじゃんになったわけですので海外在住のWiiU勢は是非! […]Read More

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Character Trailers Introduce Their Mirages

Nintendo have released three new trailers for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE — the brand new JRPG series that’s based on Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. These trailers introduce us to three of the main characters and their “mirages” (basically their Persona).   Itsuki   Tsubasa   Touma Akagi   With Tokyo Mirage Sessions […]Read More

Rice Digital E3 2016 EA Play Conference Live Tweets

Sure, EA aren’t necessarily our ballpark — but we love to get involved with as much E3 as possible. It’s a great time when we can all come together, and write some tweets about it. Here are our live tweets of the #EAPlay conference which took place “near” E3!   [View the story “Rice Digital […]Read More