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Kefka Comes to Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 Rise of a

The Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 patch — entitled Rise of a New Sun — is due to hit the online MMO on 30th January 2018. The update will include a huge amount of new content, from expanding the Stormblood story, to new items and dungeons. The trailer teases that the villainous Kefka, Final Fantasy VI‘s […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Preview – The Most Accessible Update

Final Fantasy XIV can appear daunting to newcomers. With new updates every couple of months, it’s endless. Stormblood is the game’s second expansion and adds a lot, so you’d think it’d be getting more intimidating. However, the opposite is true. Stormblood is making XIV one of the most accessible MMOs yet.   We were invited to the […]Read More

FFXIV FanFest Yoshi-P Q&A – Letter from the Producer Live

The second day of FFXIV FanFest Frankfurt opened with “Eorzea Question Time”, a live version of Yoshi-P’s regular Letter with the Producer show. Event attendees were asked to write down a question that Yoshi-P and the development team would answer.     Q: Are there more choices for character creation planned? Bum slider etc. A: […]Read More