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Future Fighting Games – Balance VS Insanity

A new generation of consoles is almost here and with it, a new generation of video games. Fighting games will obviously be included in this, so I wanted to talk about some of the mistakes that these current generations fighting games have made and how they may influence the direction of what’s to come. The […]Read More

Is an Online Evo 2020 a Good or Bad Thing?

As some of you may have seen over the weekend, the most renowned Fighting Game Tournament, EVO 2020 announced that they would be altering the course of the event due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19. Instead of cancelling the event, it will be taking place online. Is this a good or a bad thing? […]Read More

EVO 2020 Will Include Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

The line-up for EVO 2020, or The Evolution Championship Series if you want to be fancy, has been revealed, and the big surprise is the inclusion of the classic fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. There’s no room for Mortal Kombat or BBTAG this year, but the rest of the lineup is as expected.     […]Read More

Combo Breaker 2020 Dates & Games Confirmed

Combo Breaker 2020 will probably be one of the biggest fighting game events this year, and we now know the dates it’ll take place. It’ll be heading to Chicago on May 22 to May 24, and there’s a LOT of games being played there. Registration is now open!     Combo Breaker 2020 is trying […]Read More

Fighting Game Esports 2020 Preview

Well damn, 2020 is looking pretty amazing for Fighting Games. We’ve got some delightful new games coming out this year and new seasons for a ton of the current titles. We Fighting game fans truly are living the good life, eh? Welcome to my fighting game esports 2020 preview.   As much as I love […]Read More

Revolution 2017 Takes Place This October

We’re super excited to announce the return of the Revolution fighting game tournament! The 5th Edition of the premier fighting games tournament will take place in London, this October. Sponsored by us at Rice Digital, and organized by NGI, Revolution 2017 will take place at the Rocket Complex at London Metropolitan University on October 6-8, […]Read More

First ARMS Grand Final Was Pretty Hype

Nintendo’s new, colourful, Switch exclusive fighting game ARMS is due out next month. But in Japan, the game has already had its first full tournament, and the first ARMS grand final was pretty hype to watch, showing the game does (as we predicted) have legs (or should that be arms) as a legit fighter in tournament […]Read More