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Fight of Gods Valentine’s Update Adds Freyja DLC, the Norse

Fight of Gods is continuing to update with seasonal content! Christmas saw Santa Claus added as a playable fighter, and today there’s also a Fight of Gods Valentine’s update. This love-themed addition is premium Freyja DLC, the Norse God of Love (and War) — and she’s more than up for breaking a few hearts.   […]Read More

Fight Of Gods Roster Adds Santa, Santa vs Jesus Trailer

It’s Saint Nicholas’ Day, and Fight Of Gods has just the way to celebrate, with the announcement of Santa as the latest addition to the Fight Of Gods roster! There’s a shiny, new trailer to show off his colourful, Christmas moves too, as he battles it out with Jesus for ownership of Christmas! Check out […]Read More

New Official T-Shirts! Rice @ London MCM Comic Con October

We’ve already announced we’ll be at London MCM Comic Con October 2017 (as you’d probably expect), but now we’ve got a full set of details to let you know where we’ll be, what we’ll have, and what you can get hands-on with at the Rice Digital Booth!     Where: MCM Comic Con, ExCeL Centre, […]Read More

First Official Fight of Gods Tournament at Revolution 2017

Revolution 2017 this weekend will be hosting the first official Fight of Gods tournament! Attendees will be able to vie for the title of One True God of the fighting game community and win some very unique prizes! As well as a trophy, first place will receive a unique, handmade, golden crown of thorns on […]Read More

Another Country Bans Fight of Gods

With the recent news that Malaysia has banned the deity showdown fighter, Fight of Gods, it seems that Thailand will also be banning the game. We reached out to publisher PQube to ask if any other countries were following suit, and they confirmed to us that Thailand would indeed be pulling the game.   “So […]Read More

Fight of Gods Descends on Revolution 2017

Along with NGI, we’re excited to announce that the most godlike of fighting games, Fight of Gods, will be joining the tournament line-up of Revolution 2017, London’s biggest fighting game tournament, on October 6-8! So come on down and get dirties up in Fight of Gods, alongside a line-up of other great titles.   Pre-register […]Read More

Malaysia Have Banned All of Steam Because of Fight of

You read that right. Following on from Malaysia’s MCMC’s call for Fight of Gods to be disabled for purchase in their country “within 24 hours”, Steam’s store has now been blocked entirely in Malaysia. I guess nobody at Valve could turn the Fight of Gods pipe off to their country.   The latest DUMB thing […]Read More

Malaysia Banning Fight of Gods, Combos Too Hype?

We recently reported on the launch of the Steam Early Access fighting game by Digital Crafter, Fight of Gods. In addition to fighters like Zeus and Odin, it also includes the likes of Jesus, Buddha, and Moses. Malaysia’s MCMC has called for Steam to disable purchases of the game within Malaysia.     The Malaysian […]Read More

Jesus is in a Fighting Game!? Fight of Gods is

Previous Fight of Gods trailers already revealed the usual suspects, such as Zeus and Odin. But only now with the final reveal trailer have we found out that “Jesus and Buddha punch the holy $*!% out of each other” too, rounding out the initial roster with some big names. And it’s out right now on […]Read More

Fight of Gods Introduces Moses and Amaterasu

There’s at least one fighting game this year that will include Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, as it seems that she won’t be making an appearance in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Amaterasu will be joined by the legendary prophet Moses when Fight of Gods releases next month.     You can check out the […]Read More