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Kefka Comes to Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 Rise of a

The Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 patch — entitled Rise of a New Sun — is due to hit the online MMO on 30th January 2018. The update will include a huge amount of new content, from expanding the Stormblood story, to new items and dungeons. The trailer teases that the villainous Kefka, Final Fantasy VI‘s […]Read More

A First Look at Rabanastre in Final Fantasy XIV 4.1,

Thanks to the steady hands of the very talented development team behind Final Fantasy XIV, we already had a pretty good idea of what the Final Fantasy XIV 4.1 patch would entail. But now we have more solid information, and screenshots — including a first look at Rabanstre from the Final Fantasy XII inspired Return to […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Review (PC)

Stormblood, the eagerly anticipated second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, delivers much of the same and the expected, but at a level of quality that makes it a recommended title for any RPG fan, MMO or otherwise.     Players can now progress their characters to the new cap of level 70; explore six new […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Preview – The Most Accessible Update

Final Fantasy XIV can appear daunting to newcomers. With new updates every couple of months, it’s endless. Stormblood is the game’s second expansion and adds a lot, so you’d think it’d be getting more intimidating. However, the opposite is true. Stormblood is making XIV one of the most accessible MMOs yet.   We were invited to the […]Read More

FFXIV FanFest Yoshi-P Q&A – Letter from the Producer Live

The second day of FFXIV FanFest Frankfurt opened with “Eorzea Question Time”, a live version of Yoshi-P’s regular Letter with the Producer show. Event attendees were asked to write down a question that Yoshi-P and the development team would answer.     Q: Are there more choices for character creation planned? Bum slider etc. A: […]Read More

The 5 Most Exciting Things to Look Forward to in

It’s finally happening — Final Fantasy XIV is getting its next expansion (and second ever) since the first one, Heavensward, came out in June 2015. Which isn’t to say Square Enix haven’t been happily pumping out some excellent free updates. But the time has finally come for a wave of fresh, new content to hit […]Read More