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Get The Best Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Theme Free

Back in March, there was a sensational Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Theme released that featured Tifa looking up at the stars on the water tower – but it was exclusive to American candy purchases. THAT TIME IS GONE. The incredible theme, which actually cuts Tifa in front of some of the icons (the first […]Read More

What To Play After Final Fantasy VII Remake

It’s been over a month since Final Fantasy VII Remake released and I know it’s not just me that’s struggling with the post-game blues. FFVII is an extremely important game to a great number of people, and the Remake has brought the characters and world that people adore to life in a way we never […]Read More

The Big Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth Theory

It’s been roughly a month since the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Since then, a lot of people have finished the game and all sorts of theories have been flooding various subreddits, Twitter and other social media platforms. I want to go through one of the big theories revolving around Final Fantasy VII Remake […]Read More

When Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Coming Out?

It’s the question that’s on everybody’s lips after the recent release from Square Enix, but just when is Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 coming out? We may have gotten a bit more insight from Nomura via the release of the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania book. According to a translation of the book, […]Read More

4 Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode Tips

You’ve beat the game and you’re wanting to start your second playthrough on hard mode. A fantastic decision. This game really incentivises a second playthrough, so you can take all the little mental notes you’ve made throughout your first run and keep those in your head during your second. You might even come up with […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Remake: The Waifu Review

Final Fantasy VII Remake has done some incredible things, character development being an outstanding example. With this in mind, us cultured folk have been gifted with three of the most wonderful women in video games. Jessie, Aerith and Tifa. Let’s deep dive into why these ladies are all so god-tier, in our Final Fantasy VII […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Remake Sales Surpass 3.5 Million In 3

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake sales are over 3,500,000 copies worldwide within the first 3 days of the game being available. This isn’t too much of a surprise considering the hype surrounding the game, but it’s yet another example of a PlayStation exclusive flying from the word ‘go’. It’s likely that […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Porn Has Taken Over Pornhub

With the recent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, one thing was inevitable. Final Fantasy VII Porn. Or at least, the demand for it. Pornhub Insights have shared how people have been searching since the April 10 release of the long awaited JRPG remake from Square Enix, and the results are incredible. Final Fantasy VII […]Read More

What Would You Score Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been out for over a week now, which is enough for you guys to get a hands-on with the game, and for some people, 100% it. So let’s try out something new! We’ve put together a poll below, let’s see what the Rice community thinks of Final Fantasy VII Remake! […]Read More

What To Know Before Playing Final Fantasy VII Remake

The remake of one of the most beloved JRPGs, Final Fantasy VII is finally out! I’m here to tell you what to know before playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, starting with a little bit of a history lesson on the original game and include some advice that can be of use in the Remake.  A […]Read More