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Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered get physical twin-pack release

Square Enix have revealed that Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered will be getting a combined physical release on Switch, with the latter also getting a solo physical version on PS4. The Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered twin-pack has been available in English already thanks to its Asian release, though this European version removes […]Read More

Rinoa Heartilly Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VIII’s leading lady Rinoa Heartilly is the next character to join Dissidia Final Fantasy, and she isan addition who is sure to please many fans. She looks fantastic in full HD and will be voiced by wonderful Japanese voice-actress Kana Hawazawa.     You may recognise Kana’s voice from several anime and games […]Read More

6 Addictive Mini-Games That Will Take You Away from the

Mini-games can either be sections of optional concentrated Hell, or a great way to break up the action and a fun opportunity to get items or just take a break. Sometimes their moreish nature can be a little too effective. Here are 6 addictive mini-games that will see you abandoning the main story for just one more round, you […]Read More

Top Video Game Dogs

Man’s best friend…love them or eat them, they certainly don’t get enough offense thrown at them. Luckily, our very own – very crude – Yuka-Bot once again takes us through her top video game dogs. Some are completely awesome, some are downright annoying, all are dogs…kinda.     You’d be…ahem…barking mad to miss out on […]Read More