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Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Review (PC)

Stormblood, the eagerly anticipated second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, delivers much of the same and the expected, but at a level of quality that makes it a recommended title for any RPG fan, MMO or otherwise.     Players can now progress their characters to the new cap of level 70; explore six new […]Read More

Stunning Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Mural Takes Over Southbank

Over the weekend, an incredible 3D Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood mural took over London’s Southbank. Artists 3D Joe and Max brought the beautiful Far East-inspired Ala Mhigo from Stormblood to life amazing cosplaying fans and passers-by both. This is mindblowing art, and it’s so cool to see such a thing being done in the UK! […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood New Job Actions Teased

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood producer and director Naoki Yoshida used his free time in Golden Week to test the upcoming expansion and teased some new job actions. It’s the Healer classes that are being teased most here, with actions for White Mage, Astrologian and Scholar being shown off.   Taken from the official Square Enix […]Read More

Check Out These Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Screens

Ah, the picture book of all articles! Square Enix has released over 40 new Stormblood screens and artwork ahead of its release next month. The upcoming expansion for the wonderful MMO Final Fantasy XIV will come with new areas, classes, missions and more, Stormblood is set to be another engaging adventure in the world of Eorzea.   […]Read More

FFXIV Fan Fest Frankfurt Keynote Roundup

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 Frankfurt opened with director Yoshi-P’s Stormblood keynote. Alongside the Samurai job reveal and a brief summary of previously-released information, we received some tidbits of new content featured the upcoming expansion.     Doma   The keynote opened with an extended Stormblood trailer, taking us not just to Ala Mhigo […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival Announcements

There was a lot of news on the previously announced Stormblood expansion at the Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival! We now have an official release date, as well as lots more details of its contents, and an overview of its collector’s edition!     The Stormblood expansion will release in Japan, Europe, and North America on 20th June 2017. Pre-order […]Read More