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Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage Job Arrives Today!

We might be a little late to the party with it, but we have recently gotten very engrossed in Final Fantasy XIV Online, playing the game until all hours of the night. As such, although we’re nowhere near the point we can use it, we’re very excited about the Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage job, which […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Companion App is Rolling Out

Square Enix has begun rolling out the official, long-awaited Final Fantasy XIV Companion App for Android and iOS, so now is the time to check your region’s store to see if it’s available! Square Enix warns that there may be some issues due to the huge influx of people signing up right now, though.   […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Little Ladies’ Day 2018 Begins 1st March

Little Ladies’ Day 2018 is the latest seasonal event to come to Final Fantasy XIV, and beginning from 1st March you’ll be able to undertake a limited-time quest where emotes and items are up for grabs. You only have until the 14th to get them though, so be quick!   The Songbirds, an Eorzean pop […]Read More

Kefka Comes to Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 Rise of a

The Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 patch — entitled Rise of a New Sun — is due to hit the online MMO on 30th January 2018. The update will include a huge amount of new content, from expanding the Stormblood story, to new items and dungeons. The trailer teases that the villainous Kefka, Final Fantasy VI‘s […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Adds New Dungeons, Quests

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.2 is nearly upon us, and Square Enix has shared some details on what fans can look forward to. A new main scenario and side-quest, as well as the fresh Hells’ Lid dungeon and a hard version of The Fractal Continuum are headlining the update, and they’re looking great.     […]Read More

Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017

The Reader’s Choice Awards are over, but why stop there? There’s still lots more to talk about when it comes to the long list of amazing games and anime 2017 has given us! Oscar, Holly, and Mitch look at the good and the not-so-good of the year for the Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017! […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration 2017 is Live Now

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Christmas event, the Starlight Celebration, is now live! You have from now until the 31st December to participate in the Starlight Celebration of 2017, and to collect the limited-time seasonal items, including the amazing Starlight Bear!     To begin the Stars and Explosions and Bears, Oh My quest, you need to […]Read More