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Final Fantasy XIV celebrates the end of a rough year

It’s safe to say that many people will be glad that 2020 is coming to an end, even if things aren’t exactly back to normal. From December 31, Final Fantasy XIV players can celebrate the beginning of a new year with Heavensturn 2021. Heavensturn is XIV’s end-of-year event, giving out items themed after the coming […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 out now

After a day of maintenance, Patch 5.4 ‘Futures Unwritten’ is now available for Final Fantasy XIV. There’s a lot to keep players busy during December, from new main story quests to the finale of the Eden raids. For a brief look at some of this new content, check out the previously released trailer. If you’re […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 arrives December 8

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten, will be launching on December 8. The release date was shared during the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE, which also showed off some of the content coming next month. A newly released trailer features most of what’ll be available in Futures Rewritten, […]Read More

Square Enix open teaser site for Final Fantasy XIV Patch

With Patch 5.4 of Final Fantasy XIV set to be released some time in December, Square Enix have opened a teaser site that features more information on some of the new content being added. The patch, titled Futures Rewritten, will mark the start of the main story’s transition to a new arc. One of the […]Read More

Trope Talk: Amnesiacs in video games

As another topic of interest I’ll be introducing for potential monthly discussion, Trope Talk will involve us discussing the strengths and weaknesses of a particular trope. We’ll discuss why it sometimes does or does not work in the context of a specific title and see whether we agree or disagree on it being an enjoyable […]Read More

3 Video Game Anime Adaptations We Want to See

We’ve seen several video game anime adaptations over the years. From Resident Evil to Final Fantasy to Dragons Dogma to Castlevania, so many beloved properties have gotten the anime treatment. As someone who regularly writes about both video games and anime, it is something that I have strong opinions about. A good video game anime […]Read More

Square Enix share more info on the world of Final

Square Enix have opened up a new site for Final Fantasy XVI, revealing more about its world and main cast of characters. Final Fantasy XVI’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, also shared a brief message about the newly unveiled site via the PlayStation Blog: He’s certainly not wrong about there being ‘a lot of new information’, as […]Read More

Get 4 days of playtime with latest Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be running another Free Login Campaign, letting players with lapsed subscriptions try out the newly released 5.35 content. To be eligible for the the free days of game time, there are a few requirements that must be met. These are: This is standard practice for these […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered get physical twin-pack release

Square Enix have revealed that Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered will be getting a combined physical release on Switch, with the latter also getting a solo physical version on PS4. The Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered twin-pack has been available in English already thanks to its Asian release, though this European version removes […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 arrives early December

Square Enix have shown off some of the content that will be included in Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten. The update, which is planned to release in early December, will see the start of a new story arc that should lead into XIV’s next expansion. Futures Rewritten also brings the conclusion to the […]Read More