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Get 4 days of playtime with latest Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be running another Free Login Campaign, letting players with lapsed subscriptions try out the newly released 5.35 content. To be eligible for the the free days of game time, there are a few requirements that must be met. These are: This is standard practice for these […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered get physical twin-pack release

Square Enix have revealed that Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered will be getting a combined physical release on Switch, with the latter also getting a solo physical version on PS4. The Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered twin-pack has been available in English already thanks to its Asian release, though this European version removes […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 arrives early December

Square Enix have shown off some of the content that will be included in Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten. The update, which is planned to release in early December, will see the start of a new story arc that should lead into XIV’s next expansion. Futures Rewritten also brings the conclusion to the […]Read More

5 Games That Need An Anime Adaptation

For those of you who may not actually know this, Castlevania was a game before it received that wonderful anime adaptation. It’s such a fun thing that everyone always looks forward too, whenever a new season of Castlevania approaches. With the Capcom title ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ anime coming out soon, I wanted to talk about some […]Read More

Final Fantasy III vinyl record announced for November release

Square Enix is releasing a limited edition vinyl record of classic Final Fantasy III tracks, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game’s release (in Japan, that is, since the rest of the world didn’t get it till 2006). Entitled Final Fantasy III Four Souls, the record features original and reworked versions of music from […]Read More

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase highlights

Looks like Nintendo wasn’t satisfied with only having an Indie World Showcase this month, as a surprise Direct Mini was revealed today. Here’s a quick look at the main Japanese games that were shown off. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Seems like Square Enix can’t go long without releasing yet another Kingdom Hearts game, though […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future Review

Final Fantasy XV‘s story certainly isn’t perfectly delivered and so providing the final DLC in the form of a novel, grandly titled Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future, is far from the ideal conclusion. The story of the main game has been roundly criticised for how much of it has been drip fed […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Porn Has Taken Over Pornhub

With the recent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, one thing was inevitable. Final Fantasy VII Porn. Or at least, the demand for it. Pornhub Insights have shared how people have been searching since the April 10 release of the long awaited JRPG remake from Square Enix, and the results are incredible. Final Fantasy VII […]Read More

Cover Yourself In Final Fantasy VII Remake Merch While You

Square Enix know they have a mega hit on their hands with Final Fantasy VII Remake, after all, its notoriously been the ‘press this button in emergency’ game for them. Now they’ve pressed the button, they’re piling on a LOT of extra things for you to spend your money on. Mostly wearable merch.   Square […]Read More