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Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future Review

Final Fantasy XV‘s story certainly isn’t perfectly delivered and so providing the final DLC in the form of a novel, grandly titled Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future, is far from the ideal conclusion. The story of the main game has been roundly criticised for how much of it has been drip fed […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Porn Has Taken Over Pornhub

With the recent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, one thing was inevitable. Final Fantasy VII Porn. Or at least, the demand for it. Pornhub Insights have shared how people have been searching since the April 10 release of the long awaited JRPG remake from Square Enix, and the results are incredible. Final Fantasy VII […]Read More

Cover Yourself In Final Fantasy VII Remake Merch While You

Square Enix know they have a mega hit on their hands with Final Fantasy VII Remake, after all, its notoriously been the ‘press this button in emergency’ game for them. Now they’ve pressed the button, they’re piling on a LOT of extra things for you to spend your money on. Mostly wearable merch.   Square […]Read More

Teki And Nick’s Mixtape Quest Adventure Is A Homage To

Video game music historian, Nick Dwyer, has teamed up with DJ Teki Latex to put together ‘Teki And Nick’s Mixtape Quest Adventure’ that pays tribute to classic Japanese video games. The idea is that it’s the first “mixtape as a side-scrolling adventure” and it comes with some amazing artwork.    There are loads of famous tracks […]Read More

Final Fantasy X Is Japan’s Favourite Final Fantasy Game

According to a grand poll from NHK, Final Fantasy X is Japan’s favourite Final Fantasy game. Along with the favourite game, players also voted on their favourite characters and music from the series, with less surprising results. The full lists can be viewed below.     A total of 468,654 votes were counted in order […]Read More

Red XIII Won’t Be Playable In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Perhaps the greatest party member in Final Fantasy history, Red XIII, will not be playable in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He will of course take part in the story as a guest character and it turns out he will assist in combat but only as an AI support to the 3 party members.   It’s […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Remake Key Visual Is Beautiful

Square Enix have blessed us this day with an incredible new upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake key visual – the visual features all of the gang that we expect to feature in this first episode of the remake, and man, it’s easily wallpaper material. We need to play this game.   Here’s the art:   […]Read More

Weekend Round-Up: Ardyn in Dissidia, New Dragon Quest and Buu

The weekend before Christmas is no excuse for video game news to take a break, and we’ve got a few things to take from the weekend for you to browse with your morning coffee! Final Fantasy XV’s Ardyn is joining Dissidia Final Fantasy, we’re getting some form of new Dragon Quest game, and we have […]Read More

Our Picks From The Nintendo Christmas Sale

It’s that time of year again, and Nintendo are getting in the festive spirit with a sale that runs until January 2. There’s A LOT of games on sale, so we thought we’d give you a rundown of a few titles we would recommend out of the gargantuan selection in the Nintendo Christmas Sale. Time […]Read More

The Best JRPGs on Steam

After a slower start, the PC, and specifically Steam, have become a playground full of fantastic JRPG’s. From classics from the PS1 era to brand new releases, there’s something for everyone. But if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, here are the best JRPGs on Steam.   Dragon Quest XI     Plenty […]Read More