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Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo Review (PS4)

Our latest taste of Final Fantasy XV has hit the PlayStation Network across the world in the form of the Platinum Demo, and boy is it good!   You might think it’s weird that I’m reviewing a demo but considering that it’s more than just a demo, I thought I’d write what I think of […]Read More

Square Enix Reveal “I Am Setsuna” – New JRPG Inspired

Square Enix have revealed their new JRPG, I Am Setsuna, at San Francisco’s Games Developer’s Conference. The new JRPG is being developed by new studio Tokyo RPG Factory, and was teased by Square Enix during their last E3 presentation, though in very vague terms.     I Am Setsuna will be the debut title for […]Read More

Final Fantasy IX’s Alexandria joins Dissidia Final Fantasy

The ticket booth plaza from Final Fantasy IX’s Alexandria joins the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy next month in an update.   This is particularly exciting news for me as not only is Final Fantasy IX my favourite title in the series, but the areas scenery is set to change as the battle continues. […]Read More

Big Games, Small Prices Sale Kicks-off at Rice Digital

To kick-start your weekend the Rice Digital Store is offering discounts on popular games such as Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai and Tales of Xillia.     There’s massive savings to be had and you can find them all in the list below!   Title Sale Price Akiba’s […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV – Niflheim Base Battle Footage

Square Enix surprised us with an all new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. What was shown off is a stealth section not unlike what you would expect from a Metal Gear game. Not quite what everyone was expecting!       Though this trailer might have stirred discussion with fans and the public […]Read More

Rice Chat: Franchises We’d Like To See Return in 2016

Oscar, Peter, and Daniel talk about some of the series they’d like to see return in 2016, from mainstays, to remasters, and even cancelled games.     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube to get updates on them as soon as they go up!   Check out the Rice Chat playlist […]Read More

Top 10 Final Fantasy That Ruined the Series

There’s been a lot of people pointing names and calling fingers at AAA games lately, not least of all Final Fantasy VII Remake for being episodic. Is it really fair? Is the series already ruined? We take an investigative look…     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube to get […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Magic & Stealth the Topic of Next

As we’ve mentioned many times Final Fantasy XV is being much looked forward to in Castle Rice, for a variety of reasons. It’s tough to believe it’s coming, but luckily Square Enix keep us abreast with their Active Time Report updates, the next of which will focus on Final Fantasy XV magic & stealth.   […]Read More

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance hits Wii U this week

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, exclusive to the Gameboy Advance (the name might’ve made that obvious), is coming to the Wii U eShop this Thursday.   Set in Ivalice, not to be mistaken for the world with the same name found in Final Fantasy XII, Tactics Advance sees fresh faces Marche, brother Doned, Ritz and Mewt […]Read More

Rice Chat: Anticipated Games 2016

Oscar, Peter, and Geraint sit down to chat about the big games they’re looking forward to in 2016, and only begin to scratch the surface. Let us know what you’re looking forward to!     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube to get updates on them as soon as they […]Read More