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Final Fantasy XV Shiny New Screenshots

After last week’s 40 minute demo, Square Enix has shown 15 new screenshots of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Screenshots show off breathtaking environments of the Duscae region with characters engaging in missions, exploring and camping.       We get a little bit of everything. There is one screenshot that features a cave setting, […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV New Demo Gameplay

March can’t come soon enough as we are presented with another new Final Fantasy XV gameplay video. A stunning 42 minute footage is sure to make your mouth water. Square Enix showcases the vastness of its open world, the new fast paced battle system, beautiful night time gameplay and more.     According to Hajime […]Read More

Mitch Jay’s Top 10 Games of 2014

2014 has been a great year for Japanese games with Persona crossovers, the ending of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and some outstanding visual novels. Without further ado, these are my top 10 games of 2014!   I’m sure if you’ve read a few of my reviews throughout the year, then you’ll already know some […]Read More

New Final Fantasy XV Trailer

At Jump Festa Square Enix revealed new Final Fantasy XV trailer which showcases more of everything: cutscenes, combat, driving, monsters and finally a town. Of course, they managed to have more surprises towards the end.       Noctis is enjoying a ride with his friends and we get to see the glimpse of what towns […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV videos make it look amazing

I have to make a confession. I’m not really a fan of Final Fantasy. I mean, I WAS a fan for VII and VIII – but like so many, I’ve kind of lost interest. I think XII was the last one I took seriously enough to play for any real length of time. As a […]Read More

Play Expo Cosplay Round-up

I was wandering around Play Expo this weekend, frolicking through all the retro goodness and inhaling that lovely nerd-con aroma, when I stumbled upon Lightning from that video game series that some people enjoy…only, she wasn’t whining about that sister of hers for once…   …suddenly I had a brilliant idea! If I could capture […]Read More

Driving Final Fantasy XV Crazy

While Final Fantasy XV producer Shinji Hashimoto might not be the biggest fan of the FFXV car background photoshop “memes”, director Hajime Tabata sure is. Tabata has been such a fan of the humorous images that replace the background of the trailer that he has released the transparent assets so that anyone can easily make their own. […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV TGS Round-up

As usual, Square-Enix dominated Tokyo Game Show, this year unveiling more details into their glorious next-generation main Final Fantasy instalment, Final Fantasy XV. As Rice Digital’s Final Fantasy Fanboy, I’m going to do my best to give you a Final Fantasy XV TGS Round-up.     It all started with the new trailer, where we […]Read More

Top Sexy Cosplays of MCM

Hello there! Here’s our list of Top Sexy Cosplays of MCM! We were lucky enough to see loads of gals dressed up as…oh…you’ve stopped reading. I’ll shut up and just let the pictures speak for themselves. ^-^   Al bhed her any day. *Pervy eyebrow raise*                  Xbox […]Read More

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD coming to the west

After years of waiting, Final Fantasy Type-0 will finally be getting a western release. Surprisingly the title will be coming only to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, missing the Vita platform, who’s fans where the ones to primarily push for this title.     To pour more salt on the wound for PlayStation Vita owners, the version was confirmed multiple times, both on twitter and […]Read More