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Xbox Game Pass is the Best Thing in gaming right

Last night was the XO19 event in London – Xbox’s annual event and a showcase for some of the treats we have in store for the foreseeable future. Now I’ve long been a champion of the Xbox One – less so for it’s lack of decent exclusives, but more for it’s dedication to backwards compatibility […]Read More

TGS 2019 Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Released

We’ve been able to build up a nice picture of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake recently with Square Enix showing a spectacular redo of the original key visual, and now there’s even more to be excited about with the release of a TGS 2019 Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer! Check it out below:   […]Read More

Best Switch JRPGs – Rice Recommends

Despite only being out a short while, the Nintendo Switch has one of the best game libraries across all the formats. With JRPGs being one of our favourite genres in this office, we put our minds to the task of deciding on the best Switch JRPGs.   Small caveat here, obviously there are a lot […]Read More

New Yoshitaka Amano Art Revealed As Part Of Fate/Grand Order

We love some good video game art and it’s undeniable that the Final Fantasy mainstay, Yoshitaka Amano is one of the best when it comes to this area. As such, we’re excited that the artist, character designer, and illustrator has teamed up with Aniplex for a special collaboration gallery with Fate/Grand Order.   As part of […]Read More

Inside FINAL FANTASY IX Featurette Looks Back At Development

FINAL FANTASY IX is one of my favourites in the whole series, with a great story, characters, and some really decent mechanics. With it coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One recently, Square Enix have released their first developer featurette looking at the game, Inside FINAL FANTASY IX.   This video gives an in-depth look […]Read More

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition Revealed For Steam And

It might be a flawed game series, but I actually quite enjoyed playing each DISSIDIA game, with the latest iteration only being let down by a tragically lower than average player base making online matches quite laborious. This is all changing with the release of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition this month.    Square Enix announced last week […]Read More

Episode Ardyn Release Date And More Details Revealed for Final

I actually enjoyed Final Fantasy XV to the point that I’ve welcomed all of the additional DLC stories, as they’ve given further information about the world. As I found the antagonist to be possibly the most captivating villain in a long time, I’ve been waiting for the Episode Ardyn release date eagerly.   Square-Enix have […]Read More

All Of The February Nintendo Direct Reveals

All of the the February Nintendo Direct reveals have happened, and what a quick fire broadcast that was with a tremendous amount of information condensed into a mere forty minutes.   For your viewing pleasure, here is everything that was announced or revealed during the Direct (I’ll have a couple of thoughts at the end): […]Read More