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We’ve just about calmed down from yesterday (male Viera pls),  and the Sunday of FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest 2019 in Paris has just kicked off with the reveal of a FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration with the popular MMO.   Set to go live in mid-April, so before the Shadowbringers expansion, this collaboration was announced […]Read More

Information About Male Viera Teased For Tokyo Fan Fest

As reported earlier, at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest, today Naoki Yoshida today revealed the new race, the Viera. But a lot of people were wondering why there were no male Viera represented in the promotional material or trailer.   In a press conference, Yoshida was asked whether this was going to continue to […]Read More

New Shadowbringers Information Revealed At Paris Fan Fest!

We’re at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest 2019 in Paris, and Naoki Yoshida has not long finished his Keynote Address to kick off the event, revealing a lot of new Shadowbringers information to an event full of excited fans of the game.   Coming to the stage dressed in the Gunbreaker outfit worn by […]Read More

YoRHa Dark Apocalypse coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online!

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2019 is going on right now in Paris, and Naoki Yoshida has just finished his Keynote Address, revealing upcoming crossover YoRHa Dark Apocalypse.   Coming as the new Alliance Raids with the 5.0 update for the hugely popular MMO, YoRHa Dark Alliance is being made with the assistance of two […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage Job Arrives Today!

We might be a little late to the party with it, but we have recently gotten very engrossed in Final Fantasy XIV Online, playing the game until all hours of the night. As such, although we’re nowhere near the point we can use it, we’re very excited about the Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage job, which […]Read More

Release dates confirmed for Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII

We have a soft spot for the Final Fantasy series, with Final Fantasy X being one of our all-time favourite JRPGs, and so we were stunned when it was announced last year that a lot of the series were making their way to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this year.   To that end, Square-Enix […]Read More

Sora and Cloud from KINGDOM HEARTS coming to FINAL FANTASY

I’ve become greatly addicted to mobile titles in the last year, going all in with Fire Emblem Heroes, STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS, and even becoming a late-comer to Pokémon GO!. One that I haven’t played yet is FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, which might have to change now that Square-Enix have announced that Sora and Cloud from […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV DLC Cancelled as Hajime Tabata Leaves Square-Enix

Final Fantasy XV has garnered widespread mixed response since it released back in 2016. I personally really enjoyed the game, despite its shortcomings, but I can’t deny that the post-release schedule of DLC has been somewhat insulting to those that purchased the title on day one, with a copious amount of post release DLC. However, […]Read More

Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far Revealed

Square Enix has announced that a compilation of all Kingdom Hearts games and movies on PS4 are being rolled into one with Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far. The plan is to only release this collection across NA at the moment, although Square Enix has said that it’ll keep fans updated on other possible territory releases.   Check […]Read More