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8 Tips to Help You S Rank Your Crush, Fire

Getting to the next level in a relationship is a tricky art to master, but the resulting stat boosts make it worth it. That’s why I’m here with this handy guide of love advice to help you S rank your crush, straight from Fire Emblem to you. Let’s get cracking and make Old Hubba proud! […]Read More

My Top 11 Husbandos in Fire Emblem

I was wondering on what sort of article I wanted to do as my first proper editorial for Rice Digital, and all I kept coming back to was husbandos. I wanted to do something to show a little love for all the anime guys out there doing their best, so I stumbled upon this, my […]Read More

Third Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack Shown Off

The third Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack releases on 29th March, and to excite fans a bunch of new screenshots have been released focusing on newcomers Tharja, Olivia and Owain, as well as new outfits, armour breaks and weapons. Just like the game itself, there’s more content here than you could shake a stick at! […]Read More

Four Reasons Fire Emblem Could Be Nintendo’s Best IP

Nintendo often comes under attack for various reasons. Usually, these criticisms are based around their continued use of their successful IPs and the idea that they are all quite flawed. I certainly don’t agree with these criticisms (although, they have a point every now and then, but not to the extent to which they’re presented) […]Read More

Fire Emblem: Awakening Review (3DS)

Fire Emblem: Awakening marks a new direction for the Fire Emblem series. Nintendo have made many changes and additions to the franchise’s usual formula, improving an already great series while simultaneously allowing it to appeal to both old and new audiences .     The main change comes from the ability to choose either classic […]Read More