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All Of The February Nintendo Direct Reveals

All of the the February Nintendo Direct reveals have happened, and what a quick fire broadcast that was with a tremendous amount of information condensed into a mere forty minutes.   For your viewing pleasure, here is everything that was announced or revealed during the Direct (I’ll have a couple of thoughts at the end): […]Read More

February Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow

It’s easy to get antsy while you’re waiting for news on upcoming titles, and with some unnerving radio silence regarding a few upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, we’ve been restless for a new Nintendo Direct to come and soon. Well, we’re in luck, because there’s a February Nintendo Direct on the way on tomorrow!   The […]Read More

Nintendo Announce Greil For Fire Emblem Heroes (Finally)!

We’re somewhat addicted to Fire Emblem Heroes, especially after the recent addition of the Laguz Royals to the roster. As we love the Radiant series and the fantastic array of characters in it, we were constantly waiting for Nintendo to announce Greil for Fire Emblem Heroes.   So, to our immense joy, Nintendo revealed four […]Read More

New trailer lands for Book III of Fire Emblem Heroes!

We might be a little addicted to mobile titles in this office, with me especially sinking considerable time into at least five of them, but we’re pretty much united in one of them; Fire Emblem Heroes. To one degree or another, we’re all hooked on the little strategy RPG, and so we’re very excited about […]Read More

7 Series with Amazing Game Soundtracks That Deserve a Rhythm

It’s always nice to see a game’s soundtrack get recognition, which is a role rhythm game spin-offs such as Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and the Persona Dancing games fill quite nicely. But what about all the other amazing game soundtracks that deserve more time in the limelight? Here are 7 series with amazing game soundtracks that […]Read More

Six Completely Serious Picks For The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Ever since my previous (and mostly correct, but more on that at a later date) article about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I’ve been wondering about whether there would be DLC despite the tremendous base roster. This was answered last week with Masahiro Sakurai himself confirming during the Smash Bros. Direct that there would be five […]Read More

Fire Emblem Heroes Brave Redux Banner Goes Live Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that the next Fire Emblem Heroes banner will be Brave Redux, and you’ll be able to roll for Heroes original character Loki, alongside Awakening’s Owain and Echoes’ Kliff. Hopefully you haven’t rolled all your orbs on the Halloween banner just yet!   There will also be a new paralogue story for this […]Read More

Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Upcoming Halloween Event

Nintendo has revealed the characters who will be getting spooky costumes for this year’s Halloween event, with Awakening’s Kagero, Fates’ Niles, Path of Radiance’s and Radiant Dawn’s Mia, and The Sacred Stone’s Myrrh. You can start rolling for these on 10th October!     Check out all four characters for the “The Land’s Bounty” event […]Read More

Eight Things I Would Love To See In Super Smash

Coming as the main highlight of Nintendo’s E3 presentation, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been confirmed to be landing in December this year, but after their claim that ‘Everyone Is Here’, it led me to thinking about what isn’t here (so far) that I would like to be. So, I’ve made a little list of […]Read More

Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Its Summer Bods Out

Summer is here which means that Fire Emblem Heroes is bringing forth four characters clad in their summerwear once again, and this time Camilla, Tiki, Takumi and Linde are leading the charge. A Sketchy Summer launches on 10th July, and you can see how the characters look below and think about how to spend your […]Read More