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Chaos;Child First Hour – Including Both Delusion Choices

We got the opportunity to record our first hour with Chaos;Child! We played it at mostly auto speed so everyone can enjoy this introduction to the game at a reasonable pace. We get up to the first “delusion”, and run through both choices.     Obviously as the game is a visual novel this only […]Read More

First 15 Minutes of Chaos;Child in English (PS4) – MCM

Ben & Anne-Lou take a look at the beginning of Chaos;Child at the MCM May 2017 Rice Digital stand. It’s just a quick look at the English opening as part of the announcement that the game is coming west!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9ZpWQHqcgk   As usual you can follow us on YouTube here.   And you can […]Read More

Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay First Look in New 3DS

Spike Chunsoft have revealed a first look at Attack on Titan 2 gameplay in their latest trailer for the game. This comes hot on the heels of their announcement last week of a sequel to Humanity in Chains — Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates. As the title suggests, its story is based on the […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 MCM Presentation – Rice @ MCM October 2016

Oscar, Holly, and Peter sat down at MCM to talk through the beginning of Steins;Gate 0 – chatting about what new and returning features await fans of the original in this much anticipated sequel!     The first half an hour mostly gets the ball rolling, as there’s still a lot of new surprises in […]Read More

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favours Preview – Walkers Basic or

A couple of weeks before release we’ve managed to get hands on with Criminal Girls 2: Party Favours‘ first couple of worlds. What kind of party favours are on offer here? Are we talking basic Walkers crisps or Walkers Sensations? Well, that’s sort of the whole reason we’re doing a preview so read it I guess. […]Read More

Makura No Danshi First Look – Sweet or Terrifying? (Anime)

Makura No Danshi, a new romantic anime series, began airing in Japan on July 13th, where the story invites the viewer to sleep beside a male companion each week. Now on its third episode , I have reviewed the series so far and discovered that while the series intends to facilitate sweet dreams, it may give the […]Read More