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An Actual Real Fish Is Playing Pokemon Ruby

In the latest instalment of totally normal news, an actual real-life fish is making its way through Pokemon Ruby. The fish, named Mutekimaru, is using a grid created by its owner in a tank. The grid is split into the different button presses required to play Pokemon, and when the fish swims over a button […]Read More

Top 6 JRPGs That Don’t Have Fishing

For Yoko Taro “JRPG Needs Fishing”. But some people just don’t like fishing. So much so, that they don’t even want to be near the possibility of fishing, whether it’s optional or not. For those people, we’ve painstakingly compiled a list of the best games that don’t have fishing.   6. Kingdom Hearts II   […]Read More

Yoko Taro: “JRPG Needs Fishing”

Have you ever noticed that a lot of Japanese games seem to have fishing mini-games? From full on JRPGs like Final Fantasy XV or Dark Cloud, and even more action orientated titles such as Yakuza or Deadly Premonition. For Yoko Taro, the reason why for the former is clear: “JRPG needs fishing”.   JRPG needs fishing. […]Read More