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Yakuza 0 And Kiwami Upgraded On Steam For Free

Good guys SEGA have given anybody who owns Yakuza 0 or Yakuza Kiwami an upgrade to the Digital Deluxe editions completely free of charge. You’ll get a bunch of cool freebies out of this, and you can show off your Yakuza love with a wallpaper and avatars!     The Yakuza Digital Deluxe editions:   […]Read More

Yume Nikki is Now Free on Steam (and a new

As far as Japanese indie games go, Yume Nikki is one of the biggest cult hits out there. Originally finding popularity on 2channel, a fan translation led to it becoming popular over here, and eventually (on top of a manga and light novel) a full, proper official English release. Which is now completely free to […]Read More

Persona 5 IM App Available for Android

If you ever found yourself wanting to have the stylish-looking messaging app in Persona 5 on your own phone, well, now you can! A fan-made Persona 5 IM app is available for Android via Google Play, and it’s free!     Nick Greenan’s Persona 5 IM app comes with all the fancy animations you’d expect, […]Read More

Phantom Dust Remaster is Free & Out Today, So, Get

Hey, everyone. Just last night Adam Greenberg, Xbox’s Head of Marketing, announced that not only would the Phantom Dust Remaster be dropping today, but that it would be free, too!? This is the re-release of the Xbox Original cult classic directed by Panzer Dragoon creator, Yukio Futatsugi.   Excited to announce a fan favorite Phantom Dust will […]Read More

Free! Movies are Making a Splash in 2017

Kyoto Animation’s Free! is getting three new movies later this year consisting of two compilations and one all-new original movie! The new movie, –Take Your Marks-, will take place in Spring right before the main cast graduate from high school and onto bigger things. I know I’m excited for Free! movies!   The other two Free! […]Read More

Hunger Dungeon Character Guide

Hunger Dungeon is the exciting free new arena brawler from Buka Game Studio and PQube limited available on Steam. However, it may seem overwhelming at first, so we wrote a handy overview of each of all the 12 currently available heroes to help you choose one which suits your playstyle best.     Old Prisoner Melee, Displacement   […]Read More

Hunger Dungeon Review – 8bit MOBA (PC)

Hunger Dungeon blends a number of genres rather well. Add some arena brawler, mix it with equal parts roguelike, and top it off with a pinch of MOBA and you have yourself the recipe for Hunger Dungeon.       After plowing through its relativity short tutorial, you are free to choose from a number of […]Read More

Free Eternal Summer Review (Anime)

A Kyoto Animation show that I absolutely love?! I know what you’re thinking, you’re shocked, you’re surprised, you’re wondering how Mitch Jay fell in love with a KyoAni show but Free! did it. I love sports anime and it’s undeniable that KyoAni create some beautiful looking shows, and Free! has been their best show yet. […]Read More