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Yona of the Dawn Review S1 P1 – More Like

Both Yona of the Dawn and I are confused as to what it wants to be – an action, plot-driven show or a shoujo revolving around a girl who’s betrayed by the man she’s loved since childhood. It tries to balance both but doesn’t do the best job of it, making for a weak lead […]Read More

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Review (Anime)

I know what you’re thinking. Mitch Jay isn’t going to like this fan-service fuelled show but, as you’ll read in my Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Review, I liked this much more than I thought I would. I know what I like, but this definitely gave me more to like than I expected.   Twin-Tail!! follows […]Read More

Assassination Classroom Season 1 Review

The basic premise of Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) is pretty simple — a class of “delinquents” are tasked with killing their teacher before graduation. Twist #1: their teacher is a bright yellow, tentacled monstrosity who has blown up part of the moon, and is threatening to do the same to Earth in just a year’s time. […]Read More

Anime Summer Season 2016 TV Guide: Air Dates, Trailers &

Mm, can you smell that summer air? No, not the smell of nature. The smell of your room and your computer as you watch some sweet, sweet, anime.  Here’s a simple and easy collection of information of what anime to watch out for in the anime summer season 2016! And where to watch it legally (as of […]Read More

Rice Chat: Oscar’s Top Picks Anime Winter 2016

The team gets comfortable to listen to Oscar ramble about anime for a bit. He can’t cover everything, but highlights Prince of Stride Alternative, Dagashi Kashi, Dimension W, Ojisan to Marshmallow, and Girls Beyond the Wasteland as some of his top picks.     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube […]Read More

Anime Winter 2015 Season FUNimation Broadcast Dubs

In November last year FUNimation trialled their “Broadcast Dubs” with the Fall 2014  Season anime Psycho-Pass 2 and Laughing Under the Clouds. It must have been a success as FUNimation have now announced further Broadcast Dubs for Winter to accompany their current subtitled streams of the shows as they air in Japan. These will be […]Read More

Hot Rice Anime Round Up – issue 3

The weather is cold, we have no snow but a few anime’s to look forward to at least! FUNimation have announced their release slate, which includes the debuts of OniAi Jormungand, Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (L.E) and Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess, and the next installments of One Piece , Fairy Tail and […]Read More