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Live Action Commercial For Manga Gokushufudo Is Amazing

It’s very well known that Japan specialises in the eccentric when it comes to advertisements, but this new one for the manga Gokushufudo may be one of the best of the bunch. The manga revolves around a former Yakuza member who has now become a full-on house husband. Check out the commercial below!   Gokushufudo […]Read More

Introducing Extreme Dogeza for When You’re Really, Hilariously Sorry

Ever needed to apologise for something so profusely there are no words and wanted to lighten the mood at the same time? Taking the already extreme dogeza form of apologetic bowing and applying a funny (and sometimes literal) twist, these hilarious and acrobatic poses do just that! It’s like the apology version of those rubbers ‘for really big […]Read More

Which Arcade Posture Do You Have?

Anyone who plays games regularly can probably feel that “gaming weight” on them right now, pushing down at their back somewhere depending on the way they hold themselves. We all have habits and ways we like to play, some worse than others. But which posture do you have?   Twitter artist @ringo_jc14 did some sketches […]Read More

15 Funny Final Fantasy XV Glitches & Bugs

We’re loving our time with Final Fantasy XV so far. But like any huge, ambitious, open world game it’s inevitably going to have some bugs and glitches. That’s the way of things when you’re creating something so breathtakingly massive. Here are some of the funniest ones people have shared so far!   Indestructible Noctis Even […]Read More