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Gal Gun VR Stealth Drops on Steam, is What You’d

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to end my day by seeing that Gal Gun VR has stealth dropped on Steam for £22.99. But it’s been quite the happy ending indeed. This was shown off as a tech demo at LA Anime Expo, and we got hands on with it, but the full thing is out […]Read More

Gal Gun VR Screenshots Revealed

Building on the recent announcement, Inti Creates have revealed some Gal Gun VR screenshots and the title’s updated logo. The new images look wonderful!         These new screenshots are a tantalising glimpse at what to expect, and the Inti Creates event can come fast enough with more news! Thanks to Famitsu for […]Read More

Gal Gun VR Announced

From the sunny beaches of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, to the chilling court room in Danganronpa, it seems that nowadays absolutely everyone is trying to get a piece of the juicy VR pie. This time it’s Gal Gun’s turn, with the newly announced Gal Gun VR.       We were hinted at the […]Read More

Gal Gun VR Could Be a Reality

Gal Gun developers Inti Creates & western publishers PQube recently held a panel at LA Anime Expo, “Peeking Up Gal Gun’s Skirt”, where producer Yukimasa Tamura hinted that Gal Gun VR could be a very real possibility.     During the panel a fan asked Tamura-san what the team’s future plans were for Gal Gun, and […]Read More