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These Game of Thrones Anime-Inspired Japanese Book Covers Are Amazing

Often these days when western works make their way to Japan they’re mostly just the same. Not so for these Game of Thrones anime-inspired full artwork, character focused covers. They’re badass, and I want them on my shelf ASAP. They showcase some pretty different interpretations to what HBO-viewers are used to!   These versions of […]Read More

Koei Tecmo Announce Arslan: the Warriors of Legend for Early

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is a Japanese fantasy series of books by Yoshiki Tanaka that began to be published in the 1980s. In that regard it’s not too dissimilar to A Song of Ice and Fire. Just like A Song of Ice and Fire’s (the most popular being HBO’s Game of Thrones), so too has Arslan […]Read More