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Ultra Instinct Goku Joining Dragon Ball FighterZ

The latest of issue of V-Jump has revealed that Ultra Instict Goku is heading to Dragon Ball FighterZ as the latest downloadable character. You’ll be able to find out more at the Finals event for Dragon Ball FighterZ, which takes place in Paris on February 8 – 9. As of now we don’t have any […]Read More

Watch The Opening Movie of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

We just got the opening movie for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot! This gives us an introduction to the world (Spoilers, it’s Dragon Ball). It’s also filled with some flashy animation and screams from Goku. The game releases on January 17 in the West on PS4, Xbox One and PC.   Catch the opening movie here: […]Read More

Anime Gift Ideas – 2019

Whether you’re a fan of anime yourself, or you’re looking to buy some gifts for someone who is, we’ve put together this guide of our best anime gift ideas to help you out. This list only includes very mainstream anime merch, so it should cover your bases, if not, it will give you some good […]Read More

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – Ballz to the Wallz Fun

For those who haven’t watched or read Dragon Ball Z, the anime and manga — the series involves a lot of fighting. Like, a lot of fighting. It’s basically all fighting. Naturally, the series has lent itself to many fighting games in its time, some great fun, and others less so.   Arc System Works’ […]Read More

SSGSS Goku and Vegeta Duel It Out

Bandai Namco is showing off Dragon Ball Super’s SSGSS Goku and Vegeta forms in their latest trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ. While both characters were announced before, this is the first time we get to see these two destructive forms in action.     Both characters will be available as a pre-order bonus. […]Read More

Goku & Naruto May Be Tekken 7 Guest Characters (or

We’re already well aware of Akuma’s presence in Tekken 7, making the jump from Street Fighter. He’s been featured heavily in the marketing materials. Bandai Namco have just revealed that there will be 2 more Tekken 7 guest characters from other franchises in the game. But they won’t say who.   Soul Calibur could be […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Review – A Great Follow-Up

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is the fifteenth Dragon Ball Z film, but it’s actually only the second to be supervised by series creator Akira Toriyama himself, after Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Battle of Gods was very well received, and it felt great to have Toriyama back at the helm. Resurrection F continues on the […]Read More

Goku vs Street Fighter

Spoiler alert: he gives everyone the beatdown. Flying around the world like a like a little red whilrwind, destroying the entire Street Fighter cast. It’s enjoyable in a ‘look, it’s Goku and he’s fighting everyone in Street Fighter’ kind of way. It’s a fun mash-up, what more can I say?     Actually, I know […]Read More

J-Stars Victory VS+ Interview

Koji Nakajima on Bringing Games Overseas, Choosing Characters, and Popularity Growth in the West   My head is still spinning that J-Stars Victory VS+ is coming to the west. Naturally I jumped at the chance to chinwag with Nakajima-san about it! Read on:   —   First off, I suppose you get this question a […]Read More

J-Stars Victory VS+ Preview – Can the First Jump Crossover

It’s still hard to believe that J-Stars Victory VS+ is coming out in the west and isn’t some sort of elaborate ruse. Its the successor to a line of Shonen Jump crossover games, none of which have found their way to the west before, most notably including Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, the […]Read More