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2B Costume for Gravity Rush 2 Available Soon

Gravity Rush 2 loves free DLC and so do we! Nier Automata’s 2B costume is coming soon and I think we’ll all agree that it suits Kat perfectly. There will be two versions of the costume, with and without the blindfold (or “military visor” as they call it).   The costume will be available for free […]Read More

Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC is Coming in March and

If there’s one thing I can’t argue with it’s “free”. Not only are Sony giving players their long-awaited Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC, a chance to play a story centred around the fan favourite character, but they’re also adding it to the game for free as soon as 21st March 2017.     The full title […]Read More

Check Out Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture!

Sony has released both parts of the Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture which bridges the two games together. With Studio Khara handling the animation, perhaps best known for their work on the Neon Genesis Evangelion films, you’ll want to give this your time!   You can watch the video below, where PlayStation EU has […]Read More

Top 17 Deals in the PSN January Sale

January’s not here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an early start on some juicy bargains in the PSN January Sale! There’s a great selection of games for PS4, PS Vita, and PS3, including some real gems at some veeery low prices!     The sale starts today, with most of the offers running until 20/01/2017! […]Read More

Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC Due March

If it wasn’t enough for you that Gravity Rush is getting a sequel that’s due west January 2017, then you might be pleased to hear about the Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC that was announced at the epic Sony PSX 2016 press conference. The rightly fan favourite Gravity Rush character is getting her own DLC in […]Read More

Gravity Rush 2 Delayed Until Early 2017

Like many other titles that were originally due to release in 2016, we’ve now seen Gravity Rush 2 delayed with a new release date of 18th January across Europe and 20th across the UK and the Americas.   In the blog post detailing why the game has been delayed, it’s interesting to note that this […]Read More

Gravity Rush 2 releases in Europe this Winter

Sony has announced that Gravity Rush 2 will be releasing in the UK this year on the 2nd December – just in time for Christmas and the holidays!   If you live in other areas of Europe then not the UK then you’ll be able to get your hands on the sequel when it lands […]Read More

Gravity Rush 2 trailer sees Kat take to the skies

Sony just revealed a new trailer for Gravity Rush 2 at their conference during Paris Games Week, and it’s shaping up to look truly fantastic.   The trailer shows Kat and Raven in action along with 2 new combat styles for Kat to go along with her original playstyle. The new playstyles are called Jupiter […]Read More

Gravity Rush Remastered And Gravity Rush 2 Announced for PS4

Gravity Rush (known as Gravity Daze in Japan) was a bit of an underrated gem on PlayStation Vita — but then what on Vita isn’t? A critical darling and rightly so it’s become one of the console’s must-plays. Thankfully with the announcement of Gravity Rush 2 along with Gravity Rush Remastered, both for PS4, the […]Read More

Watch The PlayStation TGS Press Conference Right Here

Sony kicked off this year’s annual Tokyo Game Show and boy is there something for everybody here. From Danganronpa 3, to Gravity Daze 2 for the PS4 and a remake of the original Yakuza title, to the expansion for the amazing Bloodborne, to a bunch of new games for the PlayStation Vita, it’s hard not to be excited.  Read More