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World of Horror Seeks to Bring Junji Ito Flavour Horror

World of Horror is an upcoming adventure game on Steam inspired by the works of renowned horror writer Junji Ito. Having now begun its Greenlight campaign, several new screenshots and a new trailer have been released. Take a look at the trailer below:     World of Horror sees multiple stories spun together in a […]Read More

Battle Splash Greenlit on Steam – Shooter Where No One

The folks at Dranya Studio and A Delta Production have successfully Greenlit a new shooter called Battle Splash where no one actually dies. The game is inspired by 90s arena shooters, such as Doom, Quake and Team Fortress 2, with their fast-paced combat. The game will support water fights with up to 32 players or AI controlled bots.   Battle […]Read More

Panties Action Game Pan Pan is On Steam Greenlight

Sure some of you might have played games before that involve panties in some tangential way, but what about game where you play as panties themselves? This seems to have been the thinking behind Pan Pan, a Steam Greenlight game that has you playing as some combat panties.   You can find Pan Pan on […]Read More

PQube Announce Don’t Disturb Release Date & Official Trailer

PQube have announced a Don’t Disturb release date, one of their newest games which was just recently Greenlit on Steam. Don’t Disturb, a visually impressive adventure game from Taiwanese developers Midnight Party, will release on Steam 30th August 2016.     Don’t Disturb joins Hunger Dungeon as PQube’s first Steam titles, both indie games from […]Read More

PQube Launches Hunger Dungeon Greenlight Campaign on Steam

PQube have announced this morning a Hunger Dungeon Greenlight campaign on Steam. It joins PQube’s growing Greenlight workshop after the recently successful Don’t Distrub. Hunger Dungeon is a little bit different though — a 6 player sprite-based MOBA packed with action!   Take a look at Hunger Dungeon on Steam Greenlight.     You can […]Read More

BadLand Games Announce Anima Collector’s Edition

BadLand Games have announced that not only will they be bringing Anima: Gate of Memories out as a physical release for PS4, but also that there’ll be a fancy Anima Collector’s Edition. And it’s not a small thing either! The game will be on sale June, and can be pre-ordered here.     The Anima […]Read More

A Dragon Girl Looks Up At The Endless Sky Coming

After being successfully greenlit A Dragon Girl Looks Up At The Endless Sky will be making its way to Steam. Originally a 2010 ero title, the game has afterwards seen a PSP release in 2013, swapping the adult scenes with new content.     Now, for the first time, western players will be able to experience this […]Read More

Halloween Month: The Coma – Cutting Class Review (PC)

October is well underway and with it the slew of new horror titles. This time we will take a look at The Coma, a new 2D horror adventure from Devespresso, a developer from Seoul, South Korea. You must escape from the most terrifying place of all – a high school.       You play as Youngho, a […]Read More

The Coma a Korean High-School Horror

October is the best month of the year for horror game fans. This month, Devespresso Games from Seoul South Korea will be bringing us The Coma, a unique Korean adventure horror game set in a high-school. The game was recently Greenlit and will be available on the 19th of October on Steam for Windows and Mac. […]Read More

Purrfectly Ever After Kickstarter Reaches $6400 of $9700 Goal

You know we love Otome over here at Rice Digital (along with everything else Japanese)! We’ve seen many great Kickstarters and Indie GoGo campaigns give doujin games the kick they need to really get noticed. Purrfectly Ever After is the latest game to follow that path, an iOS/Mac/Android/PC otome visual novel / romance sim. Funding is […]Read More