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Our Picks From The Nintendo Christmas Sale

It’s that time of year again, and Nintendo are getting in the festive spirit with a sale that runs until January 2. There’s A LOT of games on sale, so we thought we’d give you a rundown of a few titles we would recommend out of the gargantuan selection in the Nintendo Christmas Sale. Time […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies is out now on Steam

Two tiny alien girls with one crucial mission – study the humans of earth and learn their behaviour. Are you ready to help them in Gun Gun Pixies? Because this frantic third-person shooter and platformer hybrid is finally out on Steam today. Take a look at the latest gameplay video:   And here’s an overview […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies Out Now in Europe on Nintendo Switch

Compile Heart’s third-person shooter and platformer cross, Gun Gun Pixies, is out now on Nintendo Switch in Europe! The North American release will follow very soon and a Steam version is on the way too! Check out the launch trailer below:   Here’s an overview of the game from publisher PQube: Pixies Bee-tan and Kame-pon […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies Gameplay Trailer Released

Publisher PQube and developer Compile Heart have shared a new Gun Gun Pixies gameplay trailer, giving us a good look at the zany third-person-shooter in action! Check it out below:   The Gun Gun Pixies gameplay trailer shows the game’s quirkiness in full-force and that’s definitely part of it’s charm! It looks like fun!   […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies Comes West This September

PQube has announced Compile Heart’s titillating shooter-platformer cross Gun Gun Pixies will be releasing worldwide on September 6th! For a reminder of what the game’s like, take a look back at the bouncy announcement trailer below:   Here’s an overview of the game from PQube: The crazy Japanese third-person shooter and 3D platformer in one […]Read More

PQube Reveal Gun Gun Pixies For Switch!

PQube teased over the weekend that they had something to reveal today, and have just announced that this tease was for their release of Gun Gun Pixies for Nintendo Switch, which will come both physically and digitally in Europe and North America later this year!   The crazy Japanese third-person shooter and 3D platformer in […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies Game Modes Overview

An overview of the Gun Gun Pixies game modes was recently added to the official website, with the two alien protagonists explaining how different aspects of the game will work. These can all be accessed from the main menu ‘Briefing’ area.     Story Mode As expected, Story Mode is the game’s main mode, allowing you […]Read More

Neptune and Noire Revealed as Gun Gun Pixies Guest Characters

Compile Heart have revealed Neptune and Noire from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series will be making an appearance as Gun Gun Pixies guest characters! Take a look at the two in the girls’ dorm in some screenshots from Dengeki.   The illustrations of Neptune and Noire are by Katsuyuki Hirano, who provided the main visual for Gun Gun Pixies […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies Opening Movie Released

Compile Heart have released the Gun Gun Pixies opening movie, giving a rundown of all the main characters and the voice cast. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect, and the opening song is pretty catchy! Check it out for yourself below:     Gun Gun Pixies is an upcoming third-person shooter from Compile Heart […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies Release Date in Japan is March 23rd

Compile Heart have revealed the Gun Gun Pixies release date will be March 23rd 2017 in Japan. The upcoming game sees you play as a tiny alien girl infiltrating a girls’ dorm. They’ve also revealed some information about one of the game’s missions, the Maiden Suppression War.   The Maiden Suppression War takes place after […]Read More