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Halloween Month: The Letter Preview

The Letter is an upcoming horror visual novel inspired by famous Japanese films such as Ju-On: The Grudge and The Ring. The project is currently on Kickstarter with a playable demo available for download.       The Letter is in production by a small, independent company of 10 people – Yangyang Mobile. This will […]Read More

Halloween Month: The Coma – Cutting Class Review (PC)

October is well underway and with it the slew of new horror titles. This time we will take a look at The Coma, a new 2D horror adventure from Devespresso, a developer from Seoul, South Korea. You must escape from the most terrifying place of all – a high school.       You play as Youngho, a […]Read More

Halloween Month: Mad Father Review (PC)

Mad Father is a Wolf RPG Editor game made by Sen (The Miscreant’s Room) and translated by vgperson. It has quite a following among the fans of horror games and RPG Editor enthusiasts. There is even a novel, but sadly it isn’t translated into English.       The main protagonist is Aya Drevis, an […]Read More

Halloween Month: The Witch’s House Review (PC)

In this Halloween Month Special we will look at a thrilling experience that is the Witch’s House, a puzzle horror game by Fummy and translated into English by vgperson.         The Witch’s House is a horror game that is entirely made in RPG Maker VX and is freely available for anyone to […]Read More

Halloween Month: Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~ Review (PC)

I somehow always end up playing horror visual novels. It’s not that I am a fan of horror games, but there is just something captivating about not knowing what to expect. Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~ mixes a detective mystery with a disturbingly gory storyline – a perfect combination.     Made by Innocent Grey, […]Read More

Halloween Month: Mogeko Castle Review (PC)

In this series of Halloween Month specials we will look at some horror games that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Many of them will be PC games which are available for free, so anyone can get their thrills and chills this Halloween.       Mogeko Castle is a […]Read More