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6 Great Discounted Games for Halloween on PSN

The PlayStation Store has a fairly expansive Halloween sale going on, so here’s some recommendations for where to start, with 6 great discounted games for Halloween!         – Silent Hill Book of Memories – £5.79 – It wouldn’t be a horror list without Silent Hill! This one even has a multiplayer mode. […]Read More

Street Fighter V Halloween Costumes Announced

Now that we’ve reached October, we’re beginning to see some Halloween-themed DLC emerge! Capcom are on board, bringing us some cool Street Fighter V Halloween costumes. There’s also a redecorated stage available, which features some cameos of Necro and Effie from Street Fighter III. Take a look at the costumes below: Alex Cammy Juri Nash […]Read More

Halloween Month: The Letter Preview

The Letter is an upcoming horror visual novel inspired by famous Japanese films such as Ju-On: The Grudge and The Ring. The project is currently on Kickstarter with a playable demo available for download.       The Letter is in production by a small, independent company of 10 people – Yangyang Mobile. This will […]Read More

Halloween Month: The Coma – Cutting Class Review (PC)

October is well underway and with it the slew of new horror titles. This time we will take a look at The Coma, a new 2D horror adventure from Devespresso, a developer from Seoul, South Korea. You must escape from the most terrifying place of all – a high school.       You play as Youngho, a […]Read More

Sexy Halloween Cosplays

I didn’t come here to mess around. It’s Halloween. I like cosplay. I REALLY like Halloween Cosplay. And I REALLY REALLY like Halloween Cosplay if it’s surrounding sumptuous fleshy lady bits of delectable proport- [-snip, ILJG you don’t half labour the bloody point! We get it – you’re a pervert, now get on with it […]Read More