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Hatsune Miku Confirmed For Coachella 2020

We don’t usually cover music festival news. But I couldn’t help it on this one. Vocaloid superstar Hatsune Miku has been confirmed to appear at Coachella 2020. Miku will perform alongside actual humans, Brockhampton, Calvin Harris, Lana Del Rey and more.    In an incredible moment for weebs everywhere, Hatsune Miku has been confirmed for […]Read More

Hatsune Miku VR Game Heading to Steam

Degica Games and Crypton Future Media have teamed up to announce that Hatsune Miku is coming to Steam VR soon! Hatsune Miku VR is a rhythm-action game, and will feature eight playable songs with two difficulties to choose from. It’s not a whole lot, but hopefully it’ll be well-supported!   You can play the game […]Read More

December Manga Release Schedule

Here’s our December manga release schedule guide! Somehow, this month, there are even more releases than last time. It’s a good era to be a manga fan, with digital publication helping to keep it strong! But there’s… so many!! AH!     Looking for other December release schedules? Japanese Games | Anime | Light Novels   […]Read More

The Best Japanese PlayStation Plus Double Discounts

Here’s a look at the best Japanese PlayStation Plus Double Discounts — the currently running PSN sale that offers huge savings for PlayStation Plus subscribers. While there are some pretty good non-Plus discounts, the Plus-NESS is what it’s all about this time around. And there’s some goodies!   Akiba’s Beat is at an incredible price! […]Read More

Sonic Mania & Miku’s Dominopolis Zone Looks Incredible

Sonic Mania is already a great game. The blood of fans courses through its veins, being itself made by prominent community fan hackers. Now that Mania is out on PC, that same community can now get their hands on it to mod, tweak, and delight. At the moment, Sonic Mania & Miku’s Dominopolis Zone is […]Read More

Hatsune Miku’s 10th Birthday! 10 Great 2007 Miku Songs

It’s time for a nostalgia trip! August 31st 2007 was the release of virtual popstar and all-around internet sensation Hatsune Miku. So why not celebrate 10 years with 10 great 2007 Miku songs? There have been so many excellent Miku songs in the past 10 years, but this list is just focusing on some from the […]Read More

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX Gets a Release

Earlier this week the physical release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX in Japan was announced. This version will include the content of Future Tone (currently only available digitally) and new content.      In addition to the two music packs Future Tone and Colorful Tone, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX will also include […]Read More

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX Announced for PS4

The preview for the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX for PS4 in Japan! Future Tone DX sees the digital-only Future Tone get a physical release, complete with all the currently available DLC and even new songs and modules! There’ll be a limited edition too!   The full […]Read More