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Hideo Kojima says new project is in the works

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that his studio, Kojima Productions, is working on a new project. In a way, it’s hardly surprising – it was unlikely they’d just been twiddling their thumbs since Death Stranding released in 2019. It’s nice to have it officially announced though. Unfortunately, that’s all that has been announced: there is a […]Read More

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding Will Skip E3

Even though Death Stranding was first shown during last year’s E3, the game is clearly still a ways off. To everyone’s disappointment Hideo Kojima tweeted that Death Stranding won’t be at E3 this year.       Apologies to our fans, Death Stranding will not be @ E3 as we are fully focused on development. Pls […]Read More

12 Dream E3 2017 Announcements & Why They’ll Probably Never

E3 is a place where dreams come true. Many announcements have been dropped on those hallowed stages that have shaken the hearts of fans. Let’s get shaken once more. Here are our dream announcements that may or may not happen! Do you agree?     Fate/stay night Official English Localisation, Backed by Sony as a New […]Read More

Kojima’s Death Stranding Truely Bizzare in a New Trailer

During this year’s The Game Awards Hideo Kojima showed off Death Stranding in an exciting new trailer. If you thought the last trailer was bizarre, wait till you experience this one. We could spend hours analyzing every single detail, but only time and Kojima will tell what it really means.     Sometimes art is […]Read More

Konami is Back with A New Metal Gear

Everyone thought that Konami has pulled from the gaming industry. This Gamescom they have revealed a new Metal Gear game, titled Metal Gear Survive. Can you guess what kind of game it is?   So, you thought it was a pachinko, or a mobile game. So did we, but it turns out it is a co-op shooter with […]Read More

HideoTube Episode 4: Eating with Kojima, Insider Secrets, Indie Music

Eat a nice meal with Kojima, hear him talk about his favorite music and movies and also get all the exciting insider info about his big reveal at E3! In this episode he also gives quite an interesting commentary about the Death Stranding trailer.   This episode of HideoTube takes us to Sony Interactive Entertainment offices […]Read More

Rice Chat: E3 2016 Sony Conference

Geraint & Oscar sit down to discuss Sony’s classy and winning E3 press conference. From The Last Guardian, Detroit, Death Stranding, Spider-Man, & More!     Let us know what you thought about Sony’s E3!Read More

STICK First Tool Invented, But Humans Are Disconnected from Umbilical

We were all impressed by Kojima’s biblical return at Sony’s E3 2016 conference, where he revealed his mysterious and strange new game, Death Stranding, starring Norman Reedus. Kojima has been keen to discuss it in interviews and social media, without giving much away.   The first tool that human being invented was STICK but you […]Read More