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Holiday Heartbreak – Hudson Soft Mascot Taken Down in the

In 2012 Hudson Soft ceased to exist as a company, merging with Konami. But it still remained its own brand, publishing as an imprint from within Konami. But unsettling images captured by a Japanese blogger show the Hudson Soft mascot being taken down from their building in the new year.     What is that […]Read More

Former Nintendo President, Hiroshi Yamauchi, passes away aged 85

We heard today that former former Nintendo President, Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away this morning aged 85 – according to a report in Nikkei. Hiroshi Yamauchi can be credited for the rise of the modern games industry following the Atari ‘crash’ of the 70’s – giving birth to the industry we know today, through the success […]Read More

Sega confirmed as the new owner of Atlus

As we’d previously reported, Sega Sammy Holdings were among those bidding to acquire Atlus – who’s parent company Index are under investigation for some seriously dodgy dealings. Now, we’re very happy to confirm, that Sega have been successful in their bid – paying a reported ¥14 Billion – around $140 Million.   The deal is […]Read More

5 Simple Mistakes Nintendo Made with the Wii U

Sometimes, the hardest problems to see are the ones staring us in the face. The Wii U isn’t Nintendo’s death knell, as the company has billions of dollars in reserve, but recently released sales figures show that the console is in dire straits. Owing to waning interest, the console has even been removed from the […]Read More

Japanese Video Game Chart Analysis – Week 28

Japanese Video Game Chart Analysis – Week 28 – (July 8th – July 14th) has been a pretty mediocre sales period with 5 new releases, the majority of which fail to make a big impact on the chart. The top two is a new entry double header with Wii U title Pikmin 3 and Vita brawler Youkai […]Read More

Japanese Video Game Chart Analysis – Week 25

Japanese Video Game Chart Analysis – Week 25 (17th June – 23rd June) – The charts been revitalised this week with 8 new releases forcing their way into the top 20. As reported by Media Create (via Neogaf) it’s been a busy week in the Japanese video game industry with top 10 total sales over 290,000 […]Read More

Weekly Japanese Game Charts – Week 23

Weekly Japanese Game Charts – Week 23 (3rd June – 9th June) – The sales figures are in as Media Create reports (via NeoGAF) it’s been an extremely sluggish week. The progressive decline continues as the top 10 collectively sold less than 150,000 units over the 7 day period.     Making up over 35% of overall sales, […]Read More

Are ATLUS in deep shit?

Today on Yamamoto Ichiro’s (CEO of data analysis company, Irregulars and Partners) blog – some interesting details have surfaced surrounding one of my favourite companies – Atlus – or rather their parent company Index – who are under investigation for fraud.     The result’s of which could prove potentially devastating for the company who […]Read More

Weekly Japanese Game Charts

Weekly Japanese Game Charts – Week 22 (May 27 – June 2). As Media Create reports (via NeoGAF) it’s been a terribly slow sales week in the Japanese video game industry. It must be said however the overall market decline can be attributed primarily to a lack of significant releases as we head into the summer.     […]Read More