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Dragon Marked for Death from IntiCreates looks great!

IntiCreates revealed their latest Switch title, Dragon Marked for Death during the AX 2018 Panel – a four-player 2D side-scrolling action adventure which, by the looks of it, will further cement IntiCreates’ reputation for being AMAZING at everything they do.   From Gal*Gun, to Gunvolt, Blaster Master to Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – IntiCreates have, […]Read More

Gal Gun banned in Australia

Is Gal Gun banned in Australia? In a move that probably won’t surprise anyone, it seems that Gal Gun is being pulled from the shelves at Australian retailers for its raunchy content. Recent tweets have highlighted the fact that Electronics Boutique, Australia’s leading Game store in the territory removed the games just hours after release. […]Read More

Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review (PS4)

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is certainly an odd game, one in which you shoot girls with euphoria after a cupid-like angel makes many girls confess their love to you – but who do you love?   Yes, Gal*Gun can be described as a love story and, whilst it may not be the greatest love story of […]Read More