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How Do You Like Your Otome Apps?

Calling all otome fans! I have a question to ask you. How do you like to play your otome games? In particular, how do you like to play your otome games on the Android and iOS?   I ask this because, as of January 23rd, three of my favourite otome games will be taken off […]Read More

Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition is a Thing

Some people turn their nose up at Nintendo. “All they do is push out the same franchises again and again; Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong.” And they’re not wrong. But Mario has always been like that, from appearing in Golf to Punch-Out!! Now there’s a Super Mario Bros. edition of freemium iOS game Puzzle & Dragons […]Read More

Clock Tower Returns as NightCry

Clock Tower, one of the grandfathers of the survival horror genre, is making a return after almost a decade of hiding from the scissor man. Originally known as Project Scissors the game has finally gotten an official name, NightCry.       Whereas the original Resident Evil took the guns blazing approach, Clock Tower went on to […]Read More

Doujin Classics: NANACA†CRASH!! (PC)

NANACA†CRASH!! is probably one of the first doujin titles I have ever played. I loved the simple yet addictive gameplay and also the nonsensical nature of what is happening on the screen. With the mobile versions recently out let’s see how it holds up after all these years.     Based on the adult visual […]Read More

999 The Novel coming to iOS

In a rather nice surprise, Aksys have announced that 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors is coming to iOS as ‘999 The Novel‘. 999 is the precursor to Virtue’s Last Reward on PS Vita – and originally appeared on the DS, to wide acclaim, but less that stellar sales. This new iOS version will allow […]Read More

BitSummit: Million Onion Hotel looks amazing

Yoshiro Kimura, of little King Story fame, is showing Million Onion Hotel at this weekend’s BitSummit- the second Japanese Indie gathering in Kyoto. It looks very pixely, a little bit puzzley and very charming. To be frank, I don’t really know what’s going on, other than, I like it, and I WANT it!   If […]Read More

Rise of Mana looks nice and pretty

I know loads of people are really protective over this series. And yes, of course I’d like to see the series get a ‘proper’ game but, actually, this free to play iOS game looks kinda nice. In fairness to Square Enix, I’ve enjoyed a lot of their mobile output of late and they’ve been pretty […]Read More

Trailer for iOS and Android title Final Fantasy Agito

Lets be honest… Smartphone gaming is huge but if your a hardcore gamer like me then you cannot help but want more from the games, that little bit extra from the story, the deeper gameplay mechanics and richer, sharper visuals. Well I think Final Fantasy Agito might just scratch that itch!!     I have […]Read More

Tekken Card Tournament booster packs in stores today

Though the iOS and Android versions of the game have already been released, Tekken Card Tournament booster packs make their debut in UK retailers today. Designed to complement the mobile apps, Tekken Card Tournament is Namco’s stab at the burgeoning free to play and mobile markets.   The turn based strategy game boasts extensive customisation […]Read More

Valkyrie Crusade Review (Android)

I’m in love. Crazy stupid love, with this lovely little card game. Like so many of the games that I fall for – in my heart I know, just know that it’s not particularly good. That there plenty of titles out there more deserving of my gaming hours – and yet, over the past couple […]Read More