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Top 5 Bizarre English Otome Games

Ah, otome games. It is the genre that sweeps women off their feet, that sets their hearts aflutter and brings a rosy glow to their cheeks. Nothing brings me more joy than writing about… Wait a second. What was the title of this article again? ‘Top 5 Bizarre…’ Oh no. Oh gosh. You don’t seriously […]Read More

Earn 5 Star Marth In-Game in New Fire Emblem Heroes

The Tempest Trials are a new type of event being added to Fire Emblem Heroes, not only adding an exciting new survival type of game mode, but also giving access to some pretty top tier rewards — including a 5 Star Marth you can earn in-game. This first Tempest Trial runs this month — 8th […]Read More

Smartphone Game SINoALICE Releases on June 6th in Japan

The official twitter has revealed that smartphone game SINoALICE will be releasing in Japan on June 6th! While it’s been pushed back a tad from the late May release originally announced, it’s only a very small delay, and it’s now releasing on Creative Director Yoko Taro’s birthday, which is kind of nice!   Not much is known about […]Read More

SINoALICE Little Mermaid Character Design Revealed

To celebrate 300,000 pre-registrations for the upcoming title, the SINoALICE Little Mermaid character design was revealed on the game’s official Twitter account, along with accompanying comments by Character Designer Jino and Creative Director Yoko Taro!   SINoALICE is an upcoming mobile game where all the characters are based on fairytales. So far, we’ve seen Little […]Read More

Fate/Grand Order English Trailers for Attila and Ushiwakamaru

With the North American release on the horizon, Aniplex US has shared a couple of Fate/Grand Order English trailers, introducing the Sabre-class Attila and Rider-class Ushiwakamaru! Take a look at the trailers below:     Servant Class: Saber CV: Mamiko Noto   Character Designer: huke     Servant Class: Rider CV: Saori Hayami   Character […]Read More

Tales of Asteria Recollections of Eden PV2 Released, is Good

Bandai Namco have released a second PV for Tales of Asteria Recollections of Eden, the fourth chapter of the game. Asteria is a spin-off game for iOS and Android that crosses characters from all the Tales games together, and has been around since 2014.     It’s worth noting that Tales of Asteria is different to […]Read More

Fire Emblem Heroes Path of Radiance Summoning Focus Brings Ike

The new Fire Emblem Heroes Path of Radiance Summoning Focus starting on April 26th is bringing 4 new characters to the game, including fan favourite Ike! Unlike with previous new character sets, this time we’ll be seeing an update to main story rather than a new paralogue too. Check out the trailer introducing the new additions […]Read More

SINoALICE x NieR Automata Collaboration Underway

Yoko Taro and Square Enix’s latest smartphone game, SINoALICE, is going to feature music from NieR: Automata as well as characters 2B, 9S, A2 and Emil. Beauvoir, the boss you fight at Automata’s amusement park area, will make an appearance in an event written by Yoko Taro.   SINoALICE is a real-time action RPG and will […]Read More

Fire Emblem Heroes Echoes Summoning Focus Coming Soon

The current Summoning Focus is almost over, and it’s time for some new characters with the Fire Emblem Heroes Echoes Summoning Focus! So we’re still not getting Ike yet, but the 4 characters we are getting from the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes look really good! Take a look at them in the trailer below:     Characters included are: […]Read More

Augmented Reality Girls Trinary New Trailer Shows Off The Unique

Created by Gust and Toei Animation, Augmented Reality Girls Trinary is their upcoming mobile game for iOS and Android phones. The previous trailer focused on the various events you will have with the girls, but this time the focus in on the combat system.   The battles will have your 3D heroines battle against 2D girls […]Read More