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First officially licensed video game bar opening in Tokyo

A retro video game bar and restaurant named Tokyo Video Gamer has opened within Tokyo’s Akihabara cultural and shopping hub. Customers are able to play games at arcade cabinets for free while they eat and drink, and everything, from the menu items right down to the drinks coasters, is video game-themed. Video game bars are […]Read More

Get Your Food Delivered By Japanese Macho Men

In this period of lockdown, it’s only normal to order more takeaway food and binge anime, right? At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself. Luckily, if you’re in Japan, a new competitor has arrived sporting Japanese macho men. Vber Macho. Vber Macho is a delivery service staffed entirely by buff guys. That’s their USP. […]Read More

Pokemon Lingerie Is Coming Soon In Japan

The Pokemon Company are collaborating with clothing brand Peach John to release some quite unique Pokemon lingerie! The collection, dubbed ‘Pokemon Girls’ will be available online from May 7 in Japan The collection will include designs based on Jigglypuff, Eevee, Sylveon, and of course Pikachu. It ranges from PJ’s to underwear, but also includes a […]Read More

Amazing Lace Bra Masks Immediately Sell Out In Japan

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, masks are in incredibly short supply in Japan. Women’s underwear maker, Atsumi Fashion, saw this, and decided to re-tool their equipment to create some quite incredible lace bra masks. Usually, face masks are incredibly easily accessible in Japan, with every convenience store stocking them. Atsumi Fashion are of course […]Read More

13-Year-Old Japanese Girl Makes 600 Masks To Fight Coronavirus

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it’s great to see people come together. A highlight of which is a 13-year-old Japanese girl, who’s donated 600 masks that she made herself. The masks have various designs, and she said that she’d be happy if they were useful to somebody.     Obviously there are a shortage of […]Read More

Cute Animal Art By Japanese Artist Shows Them In Real

Japanese Instagram user Meronpan (メ ロ ン パ ン) has been drawing some really cute animal art and posting it to social media to high praise. The theme of the art is a ‘what if’ scenario in which animals became a part of everyday society – including chef’s, actors, and more.   When I discovered […]Read More

My Neighbor Totoro Bus Stop Replica Made In Japan By

Have you ever wanted to give Totoro a hug in real life? Well now you can, as a retired couple have created a My Neighbor Totoro bus stop replica, and it looks really impressive! The bus stop can be found in the aptly named Miyazaki prefecture and has become a hit tourist attraction.     […]Read More

Cover Yourself In Final Fantasy VII Remake Merch While You

Square Enix know they have a mega hit on their hands with Final Fantasy VII Remake, after all, its notoriously been the ‘press this button in emergency’ game for them. Now they’ve pressed the button, they’re piling on a LOT of extra things for you to spend your money on. Mostly wearable merch.   Square […]Read More

Final Fantasy X Is Japan’s Favourite Final Fantasy Game

According to a grand poll from NHK, Final Fantasy X is Japan’s favourite Final Fantasy game. Along with the favourite game, players also voted on their favourite characters and music from the series, with less surprising results. The full lists can be viewed below.     A total of 468,654 votes were counted in order […]Read More

AnimeJapan 2020 Cancelled

AnimeJapan 2020 has been cancelled due to ongoing converns about that damn coronavirus. This isn’t the first thing in the industry to be hit by the virus, with the Animal Crossing Switch being delayed, and PAX East being hit with multiple attendee cancellations.    The event was due to take place on March 21-22 this […]Read More