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What kind of gamer are you? Rice Digital Quiz

Hi. My name’s Parallel. And I’m an MMO alt-aholic. I have so many different personas that I’ve forgotten my real name. Whew. Feels good to get that off my chest! So, what kind of gamer are you? Oh…you don’t know? Well then. Pretty handy that I LITERALLY just created a quiz titled ‘What kind of gamer […]Read More

Gundam Breaker Gameplay Videos

With the recent release of Gundam Breaker for Playstation Vita, the Playstation 3 version has also gotten an update to bring it up to par. Here is just some gameplay of the PS3 version (1.11) for you to sink your teeth into. All recorded myself.  Read More

Top 10 Video Game Characters we love to hate

So, we all have our favourite video game characters. But here at Rice Digital, we’re feeling hot and bothered, so we thought we would list the characters we love to hate. In order to be as objective as possible, we got everyone on the team to share their thoughts and feelings, and although there were […]Read More

Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition revealed

Launching this week is Tales of Xillia, part of Namco’s critically acclaimed Tales series. The gaming giant have revealed two limited edition packages of the game; a Collector’s Edition, as well as a ‘first run’ Day One Edition. Namco have described both editions as “very rare,” and have indicated that both will only be produced […]Read More

Japanese Video Game Chart Analysis – Week 28

Japanese Video Game Chart Analysis – Week 28 – (July 8th – July 14th) has been a pretty mediocre sales period with 5 new releases, the majority of which fail to make a big impact on the chart. The top two is a new entry double header with Wii U title Pikmin 3 and Vita brawler Youkai […]Read More

The Denpa Men 2 demo hits 3DS in Europe

The wonderfully bizarre AR 3DS game ‘The Denpa Men 2’ hit’s the European eShop today – a game we first came across via the Japanese Indie conference BitSummit. It’s a bizarre mix of genres – where you can seek out the illusive Denpa Men in the real world using your camera, and also use them […]Read More

God Eater 2 Japanese Release Date 14th November

PS Vita may be missing Monster Hunter, but you wouldn’t know it from the amount of replacements hitting Sony’s portable handheld! God Eater 2 will finally be coming out on the 14th of November while being able to choose from 3 different limited edition packs.  Read More

Weekly Japanese Game Charts – Week 23

Weekly Japanese Game Charts – Week 23 (3rd June – 9th June) – The sales figures are in as Media Create reports (via NeoGAF) it’s been an extremely sluggish week. The progressive decline continues as the top 10 collectively sold less than 150,000 units over the 7 day period.     Making up over 35% of overall sales, […]Read More

Are ATLUS in deep shit?

Today on Yamamoto Ichiro’s (CEO of data analysis company, Irregulars and Partners) blog – some interesting details have surfaced surrounding one of my favourite companies – Atlus – or rather their parent company Index – who are under investigation for fraud.     The result’s of which could prove potentially devastating for the company who […]Read More